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Leak Detection in Staten Island, NY

Scaran is the local plumbing contractor in Staten Island, NY who can handle any leak detection and repair work you may need. All of our plumbers are committed to delivering the best service on any job they do so they meet and exceed customer expectations. Scaran has an A+ Rating from the BBB and we offer a 5-Year Guarantee!

Your search for a licensed, insured, and highly trained plumber who can fix the leak in your plumbing system ends here at Scaran. Call us today and we’ll say “Can Do!”. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring Scaran:

  • A+ BBB Rating (link)
  • Licensed Plumber in Staten Island
  • Certified Technicians
  • 5-Year Guarantee
  • Problem Solved or Your Money Back
  • In Business since 1930

Called Scaran on Friday morning they offered to be there that day. Overall an excellent experience.

- Reviewer

How Can I Fix a Leak or Know It’s There When It’s Hidden?

These are the big questions people ask. Since most piping in a building is disguised from sight behind walls and down in concrete, it’s tough to actually know leaks are even happening in the first place—let alone finding where the leak is. But there are warning signs to watch for that will indicate you need leak detection:

  • Rise in water bills: If you find your water bills are higher than they’ve ever been even though you aren’t using more water than normal, it’s likely you’ve got a leak. Check the reading on your water meter, then shut off all water use for an hour. If the meter reading changes, you have a leak somewhere.
  • Discoloration spots on walls and ceilings: Even a small leak can create damage to building material, particularly drywall. Some of the first indications this is happening are reddish–brown discoloration spots on the walls or ceiling.
  • A drop in water pressure: Large leaks can cause the water pressure in parts of the house to drop noticeably.

As for how you can fix a leak—the answer to that is "let a professional do it!" And it starts with calling them for leak detection services.

Ways We Find Water Leaks

Leak detection is a process professional plumbers use to pinpoint where leaks are occurring so they can accurately access the leaking pipe with minimal disruption to building materials. The process starts with plumbers using their extensive knowledge of plumbing systems to narrow down the area where the leaks might be happening. After that, the high technology comes into play: listening discs, ground microphones, scanners, and video pipe inspection equipment are among the tools our plumbers use to find where water leaks are located so they can be quickly and properly repaired.

We’re the Plumbers to Call for Leak Detection in Staten Island, NY

You don’t need to have a specific warning sign about leaks to arrange for leak detection. This is a service we recommend homeowners arrange for every few years to help catch problems early. Leaking pipes are alarmingly common, especially in older homes. Call Scaran and ask about leak detection and we’ll have everything taken care of—whether it’s an immediate need or a routine precaution.

You can put your trust in us: we’ve served Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930 and we back up our work with an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee.