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Sump Pumps in Staten Island, NY

Trouble with flooding in basements and crawlspaces are common in New York. When stormy weather blows through, it can mean water rushing down into the lowest parts of a house. But it isn’t only storm water that creates flooding. Plumbing disasters like burst pipes can also cause flooding. No home can be 100% safe from flooding. But homes can also have a defense against flooding: the sump pump. This pump automatically removes excess water from the lowest part of a home and putting it into the waste water system.

You can call Scaran to arrange for a sump pump installation in your house, or for sump pump repair, maintenance, and replacement for a current unit. We have expert plumbers ready to help you, and they’ll respect your home as they work. We’ve served Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930.

They come right away when you need service. They tell you up front, how much it will cost, and whatever extra costs there may be. They do a good job.

- Reviewer

Choosing a Sump Pump Installation

When you’re looking for a sump pump, you’ll have a couple of choices to make. A professional plumber will help you make the best choice and handle the job of installing the pump and excavating the sump (the pit in the basement or crawlspace where water collects for removal). There are two basic sump pump models:

  • Pedestal Sump Pump: This pump sits above the sump and draws the water collected in the sump up through a pipe and then sends it through another pipe into the wastewater system. Pedestal pumps are easy to maintain and repair and have long service lives.
  • Submersible Sump Pump: This pump actually is placed down in the sump, where it draws water directly into it through intakes and then pumps it out through a pipe that leaves the sump. These pumps wear down faster than pedestal models, but they are more energy efficient and often more effective.

Sump Pump Maintenance and Sump Pump Repair

Regardless of what model of sump pump your home uses, it must have regular maintenance to clean and inspect it. We recommend pouring water into the sump before the start of the storm season to make sure the pump automatically turns on. If it doesn’t, contact us for sump pump repair (or possibly a sump pump replacement). You don’t want to be caught in a situation where you finally need your sump pump, only to have it fail on you! You can also arrange with our plumbers for regular maintenance for your sump pump along with other plumbing maintenance services.

Call Us for Sump Pump Replacement and More in Staten Island, NY

A sump pump will need to be replaced eventually, and if your house has used the same pump for years—or it was already installed when you moved in—the time might have arrived for a new one. You can trust to our plumbers to help you with the choice for a new pump. It’s in our heritage to work hard and always do the right thing for our customers, and we back up our work with 5–year guarantees. You only have to contact us in Staten Island, NY and we’ll say, "Can Do!"