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Main Water Lines in Staten Island, NY

All parts of a plumbing system are important, but there’s one part that’s essential or else a home doesn’t have plumbing at all: the main water line. The pipe that carries water from the municipal system into the pipes of a house must remain in excellent shape. The consequences of a damaged water main can be drastic, starting with low pressure and ending with no water at all—and possibly water bursting up through your property and flooding it.

If you have need of water line repair or main water replacement service, Scaran is the plumbing contractor to call on in Staten Island, NY or the surrounding areas. We aren’t only a contractor for this market, we’re also consumers in it as well, so we know exactly how our customers want to be treated. We aren’t in business to make a quick buck: we do the right thing to see that our customers are satisfied.

Your staff were all very professional, polite, accommodating.

- Roberto and JoAnn D.

How to Know You Need Water Line Repair

The water main is buried in a trench, making it tough to assess its condition and know when it requires repair work. There are a few warning signs that will give you a heads–up that it’s time to call us for water line repair:

  • A drop in water pressure around the house: A sudden loss of water pressure sometimes means a municipal issue. If the problem persists, arrange for professional plumbers to look into the water main for leaks or blockage.
  • Water discoloration: Breaks along the water line can allow dirt and soil into the water supply, creating discoloration. This can also be due to corrosion in the pipeline, which is also a serious repair issue.
  • Soggy patches around the house: If you find damp areas on the lawn or garden that isn’t from rain or sprinklers, it might be welling up from a damaged pipeline.

We Offer Water Line Replacement

In some cases, repairs for a water line won’t be sufficient to solve the trouble. If you live in an older home (built earlier than 1970), an aging water line made from outdated material may be the source of leaks and breaks. In situations like this, we recommend a full water line replacement. Our plumbers will commit themselves to seeing that this work goes as quickly as possible so you won’t have to lose your water connection for long. This may be the largest service you ever schedule for your residential plumbing, so make sure you have a team like ours with the experience and tools to do the job right.

Contact Us for Main Water Line Service in Staten Island, NY

From water replacement to water line repair, working on main water lines is one of the biggest tasks a plumber can take on for a home. This pipeline is essential for your day–to–day living, and it’s vital you have only the top local plumbers to take care of necessary services. That’s why Scaran is the plumbing contractor to call on in Staten Island, NY. We stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and aim to meet or exceed customers’ expectations in any reasonable way. We do things right or we don’t do them at all—that’s part of our heritage of almost 90 years of service.