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Staten Island, NY Evaporative Cooler Services

Summers in New York put a heavy work burden on any air conditioning system. But if your home has a properly sized and installed AC, you shouldn’t encounter many troubles keeping it running and cooling during the season. The electrical bills, however, can get pretty steep during this time. Are there options for staying cool that don’t put such an enormous dent into a family’s summer budget?

Yes, there are! And Scaran is happy to offer you one of the best alternatives, the evaporative cooler. You may have heard of this conditioning system under the name swamp cooler. Whatever you wish to call it, this installation can offer comfort at reduced costs compared to standard ACs. Contact our HVAC professionals for more information and find out why we’ve been serving Staten Island, NY and It’s Neighbors since 1930.

This was my first time using Scaran, and I will continue to do so, I was very pleased.

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How Does an Evaporative Cooler Work?

The idea behind an evaporative cooler is thousands of years old. Ancient Egyptians used to hang damp reeds over their windows to help cool down the hot breezes. Just imagine the wind on a hot day blowing onto you after it crosses over the water around Staten Island. It feels much cooler, doesn’t it? That’s evaporative cooling at work. The heat in the air is lost to the colder water so that when the air reaches you, it feels cooler.

In action, an evaporative cooler draws outdoor heat into it through a fan. The air passes through the system over a series of pads that are kept damp with water from the action of pumps. The air loses heat, and then the fan sends it into a standard ventilation system to cool down the house.

Why You Might Want to Consider a Swamp Cooler in Staten Island

The conventional central air conditioning system runs from evaporating and cooling refrigerant that circulates through a set of indoor and outdoor coils. The refrigerant must pass through an electrically powered component called the compressor—and the compressor draws on enormous amps in order to work. This is the source of those high air conditioning bills of summer.

An evaporative cooler doesn’t have any such electricity–draining part. It uses electricity to run its fans and the pumps. It doesn’t use that much more energy than a standard air conditioner in "fan only" mode. This can help reduce your bills dramatically. If your home suffers from dry air in summer, the moisture from the water in the swamp cooler can also help balance relative humidity levels.

Is an Evaporative Cooler Really Right for Your House?

That’s a good question. Even though swamp coolers offer great advantages, they don’t work for every home. Some may make a household too humid, while other simply won’t manage to create comfortable enough temperatures. Consult with Scaran for your cooling system installation, and we can help you to the best possible new unit to meet your needs. After all, we’re not here to make a quick buck: we want to form lasting relationships with customers who can trust us not to cut corners and always do what’s right. When you need cooling services, including installation, repair, replacement, or maintenance for an evaporative cooler, just call us and we’ll say "Can Do!"