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Water Repiping in Staten Island, NY

You can’t see most of the plumbing pipes that serve your home, and that’s absolutely the way it should be. Nothing could make a home uglier than the sight of exposed pipes snaking up the walls and along the ceiling. But because plumbing pipes remain mostly unseen, they often don’t receive the repair attention they require—including knowing when they need to be replaced.

Scaran handles repiping, pipe repair, pipe installation, and other services to see that your home has a strong and reliable plumbing system. We can handle jobs both large and small, from putting in a few new pipes for bathroom or kitchen repair, to whole-house repiping to upgrade your home’s plumbing. We’ve served Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930, and we take pride in meeting and exceeding customer expectations in any reasonable way possible.

Called Scaran on Friday morning they offered to be there that day. Overall an excellent experience.

- Reviewer

Why You May Need Whole–House Repiping

Repiping a home from top to bottom is a large job, but it’s one that’s often necessary for older homes. If you live in a home built before 1970, you should contact us to check on the plumbing to see what material it’s made from. Older pipe materials like iron and galvanized steel are prone to corrosion over time, and it’s recommended you have them replaced with modern materials like copper, PEX, and CPVC.

Whole–house repiping takes a few days, but it’s a job our plumbers are skilled at doing, and they’ll see the work goes smoothly and you have your new plumbing system ready to go in no time at all. With brand–new pipes made from the most durable, corrosion–resistant and heat–tolerant materials, you should enjoy trouble–free plumbing for many years.

Signs You Need Pipe Repair or Drain Repair

When it comes to smaller pipe problems, where the age of the house isn’t an indicator of problems, you’ll need to pay attention to other signs that there are pipes that need to be repaired or replaced. Drains that clog on a regular basis can happen for a variety of reasons, but decaying older drainpipes are one of the more common. Leaks in freshwater pipes will show up as higher water bills, spots of discoloration on walls and ceilings, and drops in water pressure.

Pipe Installation and Other Services in Staten Island, NY

The pipes are the arteries and veins of a plumbing system, so they need to be kept in the best condition possible. Whether this requires drain repair, a basic pipe repair, a new pipe installation here and there, or an entire house repiping to upgrade pipe material, it takes licensed plumbers to do the work. Even replacing a single section of pipe is far beyond DIY work or what an amateur can do.

If you live in Staten Island, NY or the surrounding areas, Scaran is the plumbing contractor to call on. We have almost 90 years not only serving this market but as consumers in it, and that gives us a personal view on what our customers want so we can deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Call us for a job, and we’ll say "Can Do!"