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Radiant Heating Systems in Staten Island, NY

Heat moves in different ways through a space. Convection heating is heat transferred through the movement of air; conduction heating is heat transferred through contact between two surfaces; and radiant heating is the transfer of heat through radiant energy coming off a hot object. You’re probably already familiar with home heating systems that use convection heating: the furnace or the heat pump, systems that blow around heated air, are good examples. A popular type of radiant heating system is the boiler, which heats up radiators or baseboard heaters in rooms to then radiate heat into the spaces.

But there are a few other options for radiant heating today. In-floor radiating heating is one of them, and it’s becoming more popular every year for homes. If you’re interested in a radiant heater for your house, or you have one in need of service, get in touch with Scaran. We’ve stayed up-to-date with the latest technology since we started serving Staten Island, NY and its neighbors in 1930, and we’re customer driven to see you receive full satisfaction on each job.

They were on time, and they did a very thorough job. They explain everything step-by-step as they go.

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The In–Floor Radiant Heating Difference

Most radiant heating systems are hydronic: they use a boiler to send heated water to terminal points around a house, where the hot water raises the object’s temperature and sends heat waves into a room. There are also electric–powered radiant heaters that can be installed in the floors and walls, but hydronic systems are the most popular and energy efficient.

In–floor radiant systems run heated water through pipes in a subfloor. This heats up the floorboard itself and sends the radiant energy rising up through a room. There are some benefits to this process:

  • It’s one of the quickest ways to heat up space. Heat rises, and having it sent up from below means it warms people up faster.
  • It’s highly energy efficient, thanks not only to the faster delivery of heat (meaning the system won’t need to run as long) but because water is a more efficient heat transference medium than air.
  • The distribution of heat is more even, leaving fewer cold spots.
  • In–floor heating just feels better than other types of heating. There are few things more pleasant on a cold day than feeling toasty warmth right under your feet!

Radiant In–Floor Heating Installation and More in Staten Island, NY

In–floor heating is best done as part of new construction in a home. However, you can have an existing boiler system adapted for in–floor heating elements. Call our heating professionals to find out more about the possibilities when it comes to having a radiant heater added to your house. (You can always opt for more traditional baseboard heaters or radiators, which offer many similar benefits, especially when compared to conventional heating using a furnace.)

Our technicians at Scaran are experienced with any service that your radiant heater may require to continue to do the best job for a house. We offer maintenance plans to regularly inspect and tune up a heating system. Membership also gives you access to same–day emergency service 365 days a year when you have a heating emergency (just call by 5 p.m.). You only have to call us with your request, and we’ll say "Can Do!"