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Indoor Air Quality Services in Staten Island, NY

When you think of poor air quality, do you usually first think about the air outside or inside a building? You think about the outside, most likely. But the truth is that the air inside a building is often 3 to 4 times worse than the air outside—the exact opposite of what people usually believe. And, sorry to say, your home is likely to have air quality problems that can affect the comfort and health of the people in it.

To improve the air inside your home—removing pollutants, balancing humidity, bringing in fresh air—we recommend you call our professionals. Working with indoor air quality is an important part of our HVAC work at Scaran. It’s in our almost 90 years of heritage to always do the right thing and work hard to meet and exceed customer expectations. We’ve served Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas since 1930! Call us today to schedule indoor air quality services in Staten Island and the surrounding area.

Your staff were all very professional, polite, accommodating.

- Roberto and JoAnn D.

Why Indoor Air Quality Services Are Often Necessary

Why do homes and other buildings have such trouble with air quality? Essentially because they’re built too well. The heavy insulation on walls and around doors and windows that prevents the escape of heat in winter and the entrance of heat in summer also prevents fresh air circulation that cleans away various pollutants. A concentration of dust, dander, lint, chemicals, combustion fumes, and volatile organic compounds can build up in a house. The humidity can also become imbalanced. Adding to the problem are leaking vents and damaged ductwork.

Scaran provides duct testing services to ensure that your home is receiving the highest efficiency and effectiveness from your HVAC system. When necessary, we also provide duct repair and replacement services. Whether it’s improving your ductwork or installing a new home quality systems such as an air filter, Scaran is the one stop shop for everything you need.

How We Can Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Thankfully, there are solutions to all the above problems. We provide a number of different air quality systems and services that can boost IAQ for your house. Here are a few:

  • Air Filters and Air Purifiers: To remove contaminants circulating through a house, the best place to start is with air filters. Air purifiers that use ionization or UV rays can be added to target smaller pollutants that escape filters.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: High humidity is a common problem for homes in the area, and it makes summer heat harder to tolerate. Low humidity can become trouble in the winter. To balance relative humidity levels, we recommend having us install a whole–house humidifier and/or dehumidifier.
  • Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators: These devices allow a home to enjoy an influx of fresh air from the outside—but without causing extra work for the air conditioner or heater.

We’re the People to Call for IAQ in Staten Island, NY

From installing air quality systems to fixing ducts, you can trust to Scaran to see that you enjoy better air quality for your home in Staten Island, NY. All of our workers are trained to anticipate customers’ needs, and they won’t be satisfied until you are. We offer an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What sets us apart from our competition is that we’re not only contractors in this market, we’re also consumers. We know our products and services can do the job. We aren’t in business to cut corners and make a quick buck: we’re here to stay!