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About Us

Scaran has a long history helping out homes and businesses in Staten Island and the surrounding areas. We’re proud of our team of service professionals, many of whom are graduates of the top technical schools in the Tri-State area and continue their education with our on-going programs. We have a superior in-house staff to support them, making sure to coordinate jobs to ensure that our customers receive fast service.

No matter your issue or the type of heating or cooling system you own, you can trust to us: there isn’t a problem we can’t solve! You’ll have a hard time finding better service in the Staten Island Area when it comes to heating oil, heating systems, air conditioning, and plumbing.

They come right away when you need service. They tell you up front, how much it will cost, and whatever extra costs there may be. They do a good job.

- Reviewer

Almost Ninety–Years of History

We not only have almost 90 years of company history, we are in our third generation of being family–owned and operated—with a fourth generation already helping out! The company started out in 1930 as a small ice and coal business run by Vito Scarangella in South Staten Island: we were literally delivering ice and lumps of coal to people’s homes to power their furnace and preserve their food.

But ice and coal started to diminish in the face of the spread of automatic heating and refrigeration systems. When Vito’s oldest son, Frank Scarangella Sr. returned from military service in World War II, he helped his father make the transition from the coal business to the oil business. We purchased our first oil truck in 1947.

Because the tank on the truck wasn’t big enough, we shortened the company name from "Vito Scarangella Oil Service" to "Scaran Oil Service"… and the shortened "Scaran" has stayed with us ever since! We have our way of pronouncing it, but you can pronounce it however you like—we’ll come running to help no matter what.

The company continued to expand the services offered, such as plumbing and air conditioning. In 1964, Vito Scarangella sold the business to Frank Sr. Thirty years later, in 1994, Frank Sr. sold the business to his sons Frank Jr. and Tom. Today, we bring thousands of families and businesses excellent comfort services combined with the original professionalism, dependability, and quality that helped us grow.

A Philosophy of Serving the Local Community

A core part of our philosophy is that we don’t just service the community to make money. We participate in the community and give back. This tradition goes deep into family history: it’s really part of our family DNA, and it has spread to our employees, who are glad to take part in community fund raisers and charity events. Many of our employees take initiative to help out because they know it’s our company philosophy. Working through local development companies, we’ve installed heating systems for those in need. We’ve been serving Staten Island—in many different ways—since 1930!