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Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers in Staten Island, NY

Too many homes today suffer from a reduction in air quality because of pollutants circulating through the ventilation system and the rooms. These contaminants rarely come from outside the house: they originate from sources such as building materials, cleaning and hobby products, and various mechanical appliances. Since it’s difficult to eliminate the source of these airborne contaminants, you’ll have to rely on air quality systems such as air filters and air purifiers.

Scaran can help you find the ideal air purification and filtration systems to clean your household air so it’s healthier for everyone. You can trust to our technicians to do the best job for your house and work hard to meet and exceed your expectations. We’ve served Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930!

They were on time, and they did a very thorough job. They explain everything step-by-step as they go.

- Reviewer

Finding the Right Air Filters for Your Home

You may feel tempted to locate the most powerful air filter you can find to put into your ventilation system. But this is why it’s important to have professionals working with you on this job: the wrong type of filter will place too much strain on the airflow and lead to damage to the AC and heater. The strongest fiber weave in an air filtration system (which is measured as MERV) is rarely the ideal fit for a home. One example is the HEPA filter, which is effective for hospitals and tech buildings, but is too powerful for almost any residential home. Our indoor air quality professionals will locate the right strength of filter to trap the pollutants you want removed without creating airflow problems.

Staten Island, NY Air Purification Systems

Air filters are a good place to start when boosting indoor air quality. But many airborne pollutants can slip through filters, and since putting in a filter that’s too strong is a problem for the HVAC system, the next step is to pair the filter with an electronic air purifier. These purifiers work in a variety of ways to target the minute contaminants such as volatile organic compounds, smoke, and chemicals.

One of the most common air purification methods is ionization. Using an ionization field, the air purifier alters the charge of the unwanted air particles, and then attracts the particles down to a pair of oppositely charged plates. For air that has bacteria, mold spores, and microorganisms, a UV air purifier in Staten Island, NY is the best option. These devices use ultraviolet rays to kill organic pollutants without leaving any harmful chemical residue.

We Offer Excellent Air Quality Services in Staten Island, NY

Figuring out what type of air purifier or filter will work for your house is where we’ll start when you arrange for indoor air quality services. We’ll determine what type of pollutants you’re dealing with and make recommendations for solutions. In addition to installing purifiers and filters, we offer replacement services and maintenance to see that your indoor air quality system continues to do the job you need from it.

No matter what you need for the best indoor air quality in Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas, you only have to call Scaran and we’ll say "Can Do!"