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Oil Delivery in Staten Island, NY

When Vito Scarangella first started in business on Staten Island, NY in 1930, he delivered coal and ice. But the importance of coal started to decline after World War II, and with the help of his son he started to shift the company into the oil delivery business. Many decades later, Scaran (we shortened the name to fit it on the side of our first truck!) provides a large range of HVAC and plumbing services for businesses and homes throughout Staten Island and its neighbors—but we’re still in the oil delivery business, offering automatic delivery, budget plans, and price protection for our customers.

We’ve been a leader in the home heating market for years, and you can trust the knowledge, experience, and resources of our technicians. Contact us to find out more about our delivery services and customer price protection plans. We aim to meet and exceed your expectations!

They come right away when you need service. They tell you up front, how much it will cost, and whatever extra costs there may be. They do a good job.

- Reviewer

What Is Price Protection?

If you follow the commodities market—and we certainly do!—you’ll know that the cost of heating oil can fluctuate radically, leading to suddenly inflated prices for the oil you need. We offer a solution to take away your worries about the world energy market. We offer Price Cap Protection so you won’t have to suffer from volatility in your monthly energy costs.

How does the Price Cap Protection work? We use the futures market to create a price cap for customers to protect them against surges in prices. But we also allow our customers to take advantage of when prices decline: when the street price drops below the capped price, customers receive the lower rate.

Budget Plan to Help Your Monthly Planning

Sometimes it’s difficult to anticipate your monthly energy costs. We have a budget plan to help you out with this, and it’s one that many of our customers have found is an immense help for planning out their household budgets. You can arrange to have us set up the budget for any time of the year, that way you will have the assurance that you’ll know your heating costs throughout the year. Each month you will receive an up to date statement of your account: it shows the budget amount due and the actual amount of oil your household has used.

We Also Offer Automatic Oil Delivery

One problem consumers sometimes encounter with oil delivery is a simple human error: forgetting to schedule delivery and getting stuck without any when they need it the most. But we take care of that. We offer a proactive delivery system that automates delivery based on a computerized Degree Day System and your history of usage. We back up this automatic delivery system with a guarantee: you won’t run out of oil—or else we’ll pay you $100!

When you rely on Scaran for your oil delivery, you’ll have valuable peace of mind along with protection from price inflation. Contact us today to learn more about our oil delivery, as well as to schedule any other heating services you may require in Staten Island, NY or the surrounding areas.