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Thermostats in Staten Island, NY

When you think about the HVAC system that provides cooling in summer and heating in winter for your home, do you include the thermostat as part of it? It’s an easy component to overlook, but it is essential for HVAC operation. It is, after all, the control panel for the whole thing, the place where you directly interact with the AC and heater to request temperature settings and operate the fan.

So it makes sense you need to have an effective thermostat to have an effective HVAC system. Scaran can help you not only reach this goal, but exceed it with a thermostat replacement that upgrades to energy-saving technology and convenient features. Call us today for thermostat installation or other services, and we’ll say “Can Do!”

Your staff were all very professional, polite, accommodating.

- Roberto and JoAnn D.

Choosing a Thermostat Installation

The many advances in climate control technology means that there are more thermostat models available for a thermostat replacement upgrade or new installation than ever. When you look at all the options available, you may feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry! Our certified HVAC professionals will navigate the sea of choices with you so you have the right fit for your comfort system:

  • Digital Thermostat: If you still have a thermostat that runs from a dial or slider, we recommend going digital. Even a digital thermostat with no programmability offers more precise temperature settings. When you factor in programmability, you’ll be able to exercise better control over your home climate without wasting money when nobody is in the house.
  • Wireless Thermostat: Why not move up from the basic programmable thermostat and enjoy a thermostat you can operate using a remote or through an app on your smart phone or computer? Wireless thermostats are flexible, easy to use, and let you control conditions in your home even when you’re far away.
  • Smart Thermostats: The cutting edge in climate controls is the "smart" thermostat. What makes it smart? It learns from your history of settings to develop its own program that maximizes savings. You won’t have to worry if you’re using the most efficient program settings or not, because your thermostat takes care of it. Displays and reports lets you see exactly what you’re saving.

You Must Have Professionals for Thermostat Services in Staten Island, NY

Although we like to talk up the power of new thermostat models like the wireless thermostat and the digital thermostat, we have to caution any homeowner about purchasing a climate control system online and trying to install it themselves. Matching the wrong type of thermostat to an HVAC system can potentially damage the system and void the warranty. It’s essential you work with professionals to ensure your thermostat replacement or new installation goes smoothly and you have a match between the climate controls and the heater/air conditioner.

Climate Control from Professionals with History

Scaran started in business almost ninety years ago, so we’ve seen every stage of the development of the thermostat. This puts us in a special position to analyze, install, and repair them. Plus, we’re not only a local contractor; we’re also consumers in this market. We know what our customers need and see that we deliver satisfaction on each job, which is why we offer an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our history speaks for itself: you don’t serve Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930 unless you’ve been committed to always doing the right thing and never cutting corners. We’re here to stay, not make a quick buck!