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Staten Island, NY Heat Pump Services

Most homes use an HVAC system that contains an air conditioning unit and a furnace placed in a single cabinet. They share a blower fan, which sends the heated or cooled air into the ventilation system. But there is a year-round comfort option that doesn’t require two separate systems for heating and air conditioning. A heat pump is a genuine two-in-one installation. It also offers other benefits that make it attractive beyond its dual function, which is why some homeowners have made the switch to a heat pump or have chosen a heat pump for a new house.

Is a heat pump installation a good choice for your home? Do you already have one and need heat pump repair or maintenance? Whatever the situation, you can count on Scaran for heat pump system service. We’ve been serving Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930, and we pride ourselves on never cutting corners and always doing the best job possible.

They were on time, and they did a very thorough job. They explain everything step-by-step as they go.

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How a Heat Pump System Heats and Cools

A heat pump is basically an air conditioning system with a twist: it can operate in both directions. What does this mean?

First, picture a standard AC. It circulates refrigerant that starts in a compressor, where it’s changed into a hot gas that first travels to the outdoor coil where it releases heat, and then to the indoor coil where it absorbs heat, before returning to the compressor to start all over.

A heat pump works the same way, except it has a reversing valve where the refrigerant exits the compressor. This valve can change the direction the refrigerant moves. If the hot refrigerant goes to the indoor coils first, it will release heat inside, then travel to the outside coils and absorb it. You only need to make an adjustment on a thermostat to switch the heat pump from one mode to the other.

Why a Heat Pump Installation May Be Right for You

Although heat pumps can run into some limitations, the current technology allows most to operate in a wide range of temperatures—from a boiling hot summer day to a freezing winter night—without encountering problems. Aside from the advantage of a two–in–one system (great if you plan to replace both a heater and air conditioner at once), heat pumps have some additional benefits.

In heating mode, a heat pump has higher energy efficiency than other electric heaters, such as electric furnaces. This is because a heat pump only uses electricity to shift heat from one place to another, rather than create it through electrical resistance heating. A heat pump is also a safer heating alternative to natural gas or heating oil systems, making them attractive for homeowners looking for a low–hazard alternative when it comes to winter comfort.

Heat Pump Maintenance and Repair in Staten Island, NY

Our trained HVAC professionals at Scaran want to see that your heat pump keeps your family in comfort for many years. When you sign up for our maintenance plan, our technicians will offer complete maintenance during the year to ensure top notch heat pump performance and energy savings. The plan includes same–day emergency repairs 365 days a year, which will help you relax knowing you always have help when you need it. We also stand behind our work with an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us for service and we’ll say "Can Do!"