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Staten Island, NY Dual Fuel HVAC Systems

Heat pumps are a popular way for homes in the area to enjoy both heating and cooling in one installation. But heat pumps do have some limitations, and one homeowners may encounter is a heat pump that has difficulty handling the extreme low temperatures of winter in New York. If a heat pump would start to lose energy efficiency on the coldest days of winter, the better option for installation is a dual fuel heat pump, also known as a hybrid heat pump, which uses a back-up heating system to assist when the outside temperature plunges too low.

Installation of dual fuel heat pumps is one of the many comfort services Scaran provides for homes and commercial buildings in Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas. We’ve been in business since 1930, and we’re in our third generation of being family-owned and operated. We aren’t just a contractor for the area—we’re also consumers, so we know all about what our customers require for great heating and air conditioning around the year.

Your staff were all very professional, polite, accommodating.

- Roberto and JoAnn D.

The Purpose of a Hybrid Heat Dual Fuel System

To understand the hybrid heat pump, we have to first show why a standard air–source heat pump might have trouble in extreme cold. A heat pump provides warmth by evaporating refrigerant along an outdoor set of coils and fins to absorb thermal energy from the outside air and then release it indoors by condensing the refrigerant. There is always some thermal energy in the air, no matter how cold. However, a heat pump will find it harder to draw out the necessary amount of heat to function efficiently when the air is freezing or below. A hybrid heat dual fuel system is designed to overcome this efficiency drop.

How Does a Hybrid Heat Pump Address This Problem?

By providing a back–up heater that comes on to help the heat pump when necessary. The back–up heater is usually a small furnace that runs from natural gas, oil, or propane; i.e. something different from the energy source of the heat pump, electricity. This way the secondary heater doesn’t further lower energy efficiency by adding to the drain on electrical power.

This secondary heater is designed to turn on automatically when the temperature outside drops below the economic balance point, the temperature at which the heat pump will start to lose efficiency. The back–up system will remain operating only as long as the heat pump needs the assistance, and then shut off. A house can enjoy the benefits of a heat pump and only need to pay a bit more in heating fuel costs to make it through the occasional deep freeze of a day.

We Offer Dual Fuel Heat Pump Service in Staten Island, NY

You probably don’t know if your home needs a hybrid heat pump or not. Our professionals will help you with the choice, and they’ll only recommend a dual fuel system if it’s necessary. Once you’re set up with your heat pump, you can contact us around the year when it’s time for regular maintenance (our maintenance plans make this easy) or if you need repairs.

Scaran has a heritage of always doing the right thing for customers. We work hard and we’re here to stay in Staten Island, NY, backing up our work with an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our motto: "Can Do!"