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Tank Water Heaters in Staten Island, NY

The tank water heater, also known as the storage water heater, has long been the most common type of water heater in residential use. In fact, it’s been the main type of water heater since the invention of the water heater. It’s likely that your house uses a gas tank water heater (or possibly and electric model) to provide hot water for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and various appliances. If you’re looking into purchasing a new water heater for installation, you’re probably also considering a tank water heater, even with other options available.

No matter what service you need when it comes to a hot water tank water heater, contact Scaran to take on the work. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and have been serving Staten Island, NY and its neighbors since 1930. When you call us, we’ll say “Can Do!”

They were on time, and they did a very thorough job. They explain everything step-by-step as they go.

- Reviewer

Installation of Hot Water Tanks

Today there are a number of different choices for water heaters, such as the tankless water heater and the heat pump water heater. We install both of these types, but there are reasons you may wish to stick to the standard storage water heater.

First, they’re flexible and don’t require making changes to current piping when it comes time to put in a new one. You can choose either an electric tank water heater or a gas tank water heater to match your home’s energy sources. You can get different sizes of hot water tanks to match your specific needs so you won’t often have problems with hot water running out early.

Second, tank water heaters are an economical option: they may not provide the energy savings over their lifetimes that tankless systems can, but they cost less to buy upfront, which can make them a better fit for short–term budgets.

Tank Water Heater Repairs

A water heater does a huge amount of work during a year. In fact, it accounts for the largest percentage of heating power used in a house, much more than the HVAC system. All this use can lead to repair issues. The sooner you act on water heater malfunctions by calling us for repairs, the lower the chance of the system failing on you.

Some warning signs to look out for:

  • Rumbling from the tank
  • Water pooling around the unit’s base
  • Delayed firing of the gas burners or other gas burner troubles
  • A drop in hot water volume or hot water temperature
  • Discoloration in the hot water from the taps
  • Corrosion along the tank

Tank Water Heater Maintenance in Staten Island, NY

We recommend arranging for annual maintenance from our professionals to inspect and tune–up your water heater. This will help avoid repairs and ensure the system has the longest possible lifespan. The average gas tank water heater can last around 15 years, and electric tank water heaters a bit longer. But you can’t expect this kind of service life unless the system has annual professional maintenance!

You only have to call Scaran in Staten Island, NY to sign up for a maintenance plan that will give your water heater the proper care necessary for it to deliver steady hot water without massive utility bills spikes year after year. Our maintenance plans offer additional benefits as well, so talk to one of team members today to learn more.