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HVAC and Plumbing Services in East Brunswick, NJ

This was my first time using Scaran, and I will continue to do so, I was very pleased.

- Reviewer

"Can Do!" It’s simple to say, but it takes a dedicated company to live up to what it means. Scaran is an HVAC and plumbing contractor who strives every day to show that we "Can Do!" no matter what our customers may need.

Are you looking for a replacement air conditioning system for your home? Can do! Need speedy repairs for a faulty furnace? Can do! Looking for a contractor to reliably deliver oil for your home or business? Can do! We have almost 90 years of doing jobs of all types in East Brunswick, NJ. Make us your residential and commercial contractor of choice.

Expert Plumbing Installation and Repair Services

Home plumbing is a field where many people think they can go it alone using a few tools and some advice from a "life hack" website. But trying DIY work on home plumbing often leads to disasters. It’s so much easier to simply call Scaran for plumbing assistance in East Brunswick, NJ. We’ll reach you fast with a fully–stocked truck, ready to handle installations, repairs, maintenance, or anything else your home requires. We always do the right thing on any job.

East Brunswick, NJ Water Heater Installation and Repair

Have you noticed you’re not receiving the amount of hot water that you used to? Have you noticed leaking around the tank of your current water heater? Do you want to ensure you water heater runs for as long as possible? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, Scaran is the company to contact. We provide complete installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance service for a variety of hot water heaters, including tankless systems and heat pump water heaters.

Quality Heating System Installation and Repair for Your Home

You never want to deal with a winter in East Brunswick, NJ unless you have a powerful furnace or other type of heating system to deliver warmth to your household. Scaran has been in the business of helping to heat homes since 1930 when we were delivering coal. Today we work with exceptional technology and the best heating systems. We’ll repair your current system, find a great new one, and ensure you continue to enjoy comfort thanks to repairs and maintenance.

Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Work to Keep You Cool

Central air conditioners, evaporative coolers, ductless mini splits, heats pumps. We install and service them all! Our technicians at Scaran are all EPA and NATE–certified to ensure you receive quality work no matter what you require for your cooling needs in East Brunswick, NJ. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back on all the jobs we do, and we stand behind our work longer than any other air conditioning company in the area. We work hard to meet and exceed expectations.

Indoor Air Quality Services for a Better Life

Homes today are designed to keep heat out in summer and keep it trapped inside in winter. But this ends up also trapping numerous contaminants that can be detrimental to health and comfort, as well as leading to humidity imbalance. But there are solutions to these troubles, and Scaran can provide them. What type of work can we offer? Installation of air purifiers and air filtration systems. Duct sealing and duct repair. Humidifiers and dehumidifiers. We’ll see you have great indoor air quality in East Brunswick, NJ!

Commercial HVAC & Indoor Air Quality Are Other Services We Provide

It takes special training and equipment to work on commercial heating and air conditioning systems. Scaran has the technicians who can tackle this work for your business in East Brunswick, NJ. We want to see that your commercial space has the comfort for any kind of weather condition, whether it means fixing a broken air conditioner or installing a new heating system. We’ll see to your indoor air quality concerns as well. Contact our commercial HVAC and IAQ team today to find out more.

Commercial Plumbing for East Brunswick, NJ

We’re a customer–driven company that wants the best for all our customers. As business owners ourselves, we know all about the kind of concerns you may have in your business when it comes to plumbing–and we’re ready to get to work and get every job done right! You can depend on us all your commercial plumbing installations, replacements, repairs, cleanings, and more. Scaran has been serving the area for almost nine decades by never cutting corners and always delivering what’s promised.