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Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators in Staten Island, NY

Here’s a conundrum about home comfort and ventilation: for a house to enjoy fresh air, it must be opened up to the outdoor air for extended periods. But during hot and cold days, this brings in uncomfortable temperatures that place stress on the air conditioning and heating system. A home must either deal with stuffy, polluted air during winter and summer, or else rack up enormous energy bills and deal with hot and cold drafts.

But wait! There’s actually a solution to this problem. There are ventilation systems that allow for fresh air without immense energy waste: heat recovery ventilators and energy recovery ventilators. The indoor air quality experts at Scaran can help you have one of these systems installed, as well as repair and maintain a current one. We have almost 90 years of history servicing Staten Island, NY and its neighbors, and you only have to get in touch with us to find the best solutions to your comfort and air quality needs.

They come right away when you need service. They tell you up front, how much it will cost, and whatever extra costs there may be. They do a good job.

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What Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators Do

An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) and heat recovery ventilator (HRV) work in a similar fashion: both are integrated into the ventilation system of a house to draw fresh outdoor air into the ductwork and then either pre–heat or pre–cool it using the already heated or cooled air in the house. Essentially, they recover the energy used for indoor home comfort and put it to use conditioning the outdoor air so it’s closer to the temperature a house requires for comfort.

We’ll use the example of a cold winter day. The ERV or HRV draws a current of fresh air into the ventilation system. This air is cold, but before it reaches the indoors, it passes through the HRV/ERV system and it run through a counter–current of warm (but stale) indoor air. The cold outdoor air gains heat from the warm indoor air. The indoor air is exhausted outside, while the now warmed–up fresh outdoor air continues into the house, pre–heated so the furnace or other heater has less work to do. The process for the ERV/HRV system just flips around in summer.

The Benefits of ERV and HRV Systems

Having and ERV or HRV installed allows you to have the fresh air you want for a more pleasant and healthy indoors without suffering for it each time you receive a utility bill. On average, and HRV and ERV recovery 80% of the energy already used to heat or cool the air and keeps it from going to waste. These are some large benefits all around, and the systems work no matter the temperature outdoors.

ERVs also offer humidity controls, since they allow the exchange of moisture between the two air currents. HRVs don’t offer this, but they also tend to work better in colder conditions. You can trust to your installer to help you choose which of the two is best for your house.

HRV and ERV System Services in Staten Island, NY

Scaran provides complete services to see that you have a working heat or energy recovery ventilator. Our work doesn’t end with installation, and we back up our installations with 5–year guarantees. If you need repairs for an HRV/ERV or a replacement, you only have to contact us and we’ll take care of it. We have an exclusive 100% satisfaction guarantee to back up all our work.

No matter what you need for your HVAC system and indoor air quality in Staten Island, NY and the surrounding areas, call us and we’ll say "Can Do!"