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3 Common AC Repairs We See

When it comes to air conditioning repairs, some are more common while others pop up far less frequently. There are some air conditioning repairs that we see in homes over and over again. You can keep reading to learn more about the three most common air conditioning repair needs that we see in the community and what each one means for your unit.

Then give our team a call when you’re ready to schedule your central air repair in Edison, NJ. It’s especially important to call us if you notice the signs of any of these three common repair needs. Staying ahead of AC problems can make a huge difference in how your unit operates now and across its entire service life.

Repair Issue Number 1: Components Grinding

It is fairly common for us to get calls about unusual noses from an air conditioning systems. Grinding is a common complaint. When you give us a call about unusual grinding sounds early, they are very easy to address. Grinding usually happens because dust and dirt get into your air conditioner and inevitably in between all of the tiny gears and components that have to work together for AC operation. 

This dirt can dry up lubrication and lead to a grime that prevents components from working together as seamlessly and effectively as they need to. Addressing this problem is as simple as cleaning out the grime and re-lubricating the components. Keep in mind that if grinding goes on for too long, components can be damaged and actually need to be replaced, so acting early is key to avoid bigger expenses. 

Repair Issue Number 2: Miscalibrated thermostat

Sometimes it isn’t your air conditioner that is causing the problem at all. Instead, your thermostat has something wrong that needs to be addressed. Sometimes thermostats are simply a little dusty and need to be brushed out. Other times, low batteries are to blame for thermostat problems. 

It’s also easy for your thermostat to become miscalibrated so that it cannot communicate correctly with your air conditioner to turn on and off for cooling cycles. No matter what the problem is, we can troubleshoot and get it fixed. 

Repair Issue Number 3: Lack of Cooling

Another common problem we see is an air conditioning system that is operating, but not producing cool air from its vents. The air coming out of the vents around your home may feel lukewarm instead of specifically cool. This could be a problem with the capacitor or compressor on the outdoor portion of the unit. 

It could also be a problem with the coils lacking enough refrigerant to cool down the air. In this case, you may have a refrigerant leak contributing to the problem. No matter what the issue is, our team can figure it out and fix or replace the malfunctioning component.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for AC service.

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