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Is Your AC Making You Sweat at the End of Summer?

women-with-fanNew York summers can get pretty miserable right as they’re about to make their exit. August and September can bring in some muggy, sweaty days. Your home’s air conditioner won’t get much of a break until we’ve gotten clear into October.

How is your AC doing right now? If it’s handled the summer in decent shape so far, but it’s starting to act like it has run a marathon and is slowing down before it keels over… the smart move is to give our experts a call and have it checked out and fixed. We know it’s tempting to let it go because the hot season is almost over, but trust our decades of experience on this job: ignoring a repair need is almost guaranteed to cause it to become worse! Plus, you don’t want to risk your AC conking out on you during one of these last heat spells. If it’s already got a malfunction, the sudden pressure on it to deal with a sweltering day can cause it to shut down. We’ve got your back with air conditioning service in Staten Island, NY when that happens—but wouldn’t you rather it didn’t happen in the first place?

Some Warnings Signs Your AC Needs Our Help!

Your air conditioner has ways of telling you that it’s having problems. Some are more obvious than others. (An AC that won’t turn on at all—that’s obvious.) Below are some of the warning signs you might overlook:

  • Odd noises from the AC: An “odd noise” in this case means anything you don’t normally hear when the air conditioner is operating. The standard noise of the fans, the compressor, and the drip of condensation—when this white noise is interrupted with clicking, buzzing, grinding, and hissing sounds, have our technicians come in and take a look.
  • Unpleasant odors: An air conditioner may start to sense odd smells through the vents for a couple of reasons. There might be leaks in the ventilation system allowing dust and dirt into the ducts. This will require our team to seal and repair the ducts. The AC could be losing power and allowing excess humidity to build up. Or the Freon on the refrigerant lines is leaking, which creates a distinctive smell.
  • Hot spots in the house: Are some rooms in your home hotter than they normally are? It could be poor insulation, but it also might be the air conditioner’s cooling capacity is dropping, reducing airflow to the rooms.
  • A short-cycling compressor: Short-cycling is when the compressor of the AC doesn’t complete its full cooling cycle and instead shuts down too early. There’s no set time for how long the compressor needs to run, so you’ll only notice short-cycling when the compressor is starting and stopping multiple times an hour. There are many potential causes for short-cycling, from a clogged air filter to an improperly installed air conditioner. It might even be a thermostat on the fritz. The important thing is to let our HVAC experts examine the AC and find out what’s putting all this extra stress on the compressor—before the compressor suffers damage!

Call on Scaran for Your AC Needs in Staten Island. Problem Solved, Or Your Money Back!

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