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Boiler Gone Bad? Here’s What To Do

Ecologic home , green outline on whiteIf you’ve got a boiler, then you know that it’s important for you to keep it in great shape. But what are you supposed to do when your boiler starts to go bad ? Well, simply put, we want you to contact our professionals as soon as possible. Repair work isn’t something you want to wait on, nor is it something you want to brush off.

We’re here when you need boiler repair in Staten Island, NY. Your home’s boiler is a piece of specialized equipment. Not every HVAC contractor in the area knows what to do with a system like this. Luckily for you, we’re one of the contractors who do. You can get in contact with us at the first sign of things going wrong.

Signs Your Boiler Is Struggling

Here are the signs your home’s boiler is encountering problems:

Odd Noises

Have you heard odd noises whenever you start heating your home? When you have a boiler, you might hear sounds like hammering, clunking, or rattling coming from your home’s boiler.

The thing about “odd” sounds is that you live in your home on a daily basis. You know the sounds of your home better than anyone else. Realistically speaking, if you notice odd sounds that are new, loud, or just something you’ve never heard before, then you need to consult one of our professionals. We’re here to help with any boiler service you need.


Leaks are a telltale sign your home’s boiler isn’t functioning the way you need it to. In fact, your boiler is so problematic that leaks are springing in your home left and right. This is something you need to pay close attention to.

Leaks are bad news. It’s a sign your home’s heater isn’t calibrated correctly. When you’ve got a boiler, a leak is a big premonition. Leaks are something that can lead to water damage in your home, mold, etc. Any sign of a leak is something that you want to address with care.

Low or No Heating

Have you struggled with your home’s heating? If you’re experiencing low heat, you might not notice it directly. We’re going to walk through a couple of the symptoms that you might be experiencing low heat. Low heat is something you’ll notice via long heating times, discomfort, and high heating bills.

If you’re experiencing no heat, then we’re sure that you noticed this right away. We can help you fix this as fast as possible.

Poor Energy Efficiency

Okay, so let’s say that there are no glaring signs of problems with your home’s boiler. But there are things with poor energy efficiency. When you get your energy bills, you’re shocked at how high they are. You’re extra shocked by this because you’re not doing anything differently than how you’ve done it before.

This is a sign of poor energy efficiency. You can have our professionals fix up your boiler and get your home heating back on track.

Contact Scaran today for your home’s boiler services.

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