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If You Left Heating Repairs Undone Last Winter … Now’s the Time to Get Them Done!

If your heater showed signs of problems last year and you didn’t schedule heater maintenance or repairs, you need to do so now before turning your heater on. Problems that were relatively minor last winter may have worsened as your heater sat unused. It is better to go ahead and schedule service now instead of waiting until something is definitely wrong. By then, the damage may be more extensive.

You can give our team a call for heating repair in Staten Island, NY. You can also keep reading to learn more about why it is important to stay ahead of heating repairs before winter sets in. Once the heating season is in full swing, our team along with all the other HVAC technicians in the area will be swamped with calls. By scheduling an appointment now, you can get ahead of the heating repair rush.

Improve Efficiency

If you put off heating maintenance last season, we bet that you’re regretting that decision now. That’s OK though. There is still time to schedule a checkup for your heater ahead of winter. In fact, fall is an excellent time to schedule a professional maintenance appointment for your heater. One of the top reasons that you should invest in maintenance instead of skipping it is to improve your heater’s energy efficiency. 

We find that many homeowners want to skip out on a heater tune-up to save money. However, the cost of skipping the service appointment is much higher. You will be paying by way of more expensive energy bills each month. And we’re not just talking about efficiency for the coming season. Maintaining your heater consistently year after year is the best way to ensure energy efficiency across its entire life span.

Avoid a Breakdown

Scheduling an appointment now also means that you can avoid a repair appointment later on. Is there something wrong with your heater right now? Who knows! That’s the whole point of heater maintenance, to identify problems early and get them fixed to avoid an interruption of service.

By scheduling a tune-up now, you can avoid having to schedule an unexpected repair appointment later in the season because something goes wrong. And let’s face it, while heater problems are never convenient, they still somehow happen at the worst possible times.

Extend the Lifespan

One more reason to schedule maintenance now for your heater is to help extend its lifespan beyond what is considered average. Depending on what type of heater you have and how well you care for it, it could last for anywhere between 15 and 30 years. 

That’s a big range, and we are guessing that you would like for your heater to last for closer to 30 years rather than having to replace it sooner. Heater maintenance is the one way to do that. Waiting until your heater experience has a major problem and needs to be repaired just adds extra strain to the system. And even after the repairs get made, there is likely to be a lasting negative impact on your heater’s lifespan.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment for heater service with our professionals.

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