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It’s Time to Prep Your Heater with Professional Maintenance!

furnace-repair-technicianAutumn is nearly here and soon you’ll be switching from cooling to heating. You may not be thinking much about it, but one day you’ll wake up and it will be time to turn on the heater. And that may happen soon! You want to be ready to turn on the warm air in your house when the time comes.

Have you scheduled your annual heater maintenance yet for this year? If you live in Staten Island and need heating maintenance, our team can help. If you’re not sure why heater maintenance is important, read on to learn how annual maintenance can extend the life of your heater, improve energy efficiency and offer you peace of mind during the upcoming autumn and winter seasons. 

Benefits of Heater Maintenance

Your furnace has a good chance of making it through the heating season without a hitch, but that doesn’t mean you should ever skip maintenance. Maintenance offers you the chance to identify problems before they lead to a system breakdown. A heater tune-up can improve energy efficiency, too. When you invest in heater maintenance consistently, you can even extend the life of your heater so that you don’t have to replace it as soon. Other benefits include:

  • Reducing wear and tear on your system as a whole
  • Preventing unexpected repairs in the upcoming heating season
  • Reducing the cost of your monthly energy bills

Busting Heater Maintenance Myths

Many homeowners believe that newer heating systems don’t need maintenance. The idea of what’s “new” varies from person to person. You may think that as long as your unit is running smoothly then maintenance doesn’t matter, but that’s not true. Even a heater that’s only one to five years old can benefit from maintenance. In fact, early heater tune-ups are the most important investment you can make.

If you wait until things start to go wrong, you’re already behind. Parts can begin to wear down years before you’re aware of problems. When you address loose parts and minor damage early on, you prevent it from spreading to other heating components and making the problem worse. Even a heater that is one year old will benefit from service. When your heating parts stay in peak condition over the course of their entire life, your entire home benefits. 

Can You Postpone Heating Maintenance?

Of course! But maintenance before the heating season begins is very important. In fact, experts recommend that you have maintenance twice per year—especially if you live in an area like we do where heaters get used for longer periods of time. 

Don’t think of heater maintenance as an expense. Think of it as an investment that will benefit you for years to come. Your energy bills will be lower and your family will have reliable heat with less risk of a surprise repair midseason. You already maintain your vehicles with regular oil changes and tune-ups. Why not your heater, too? 

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. 

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