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The Reasons Many Homeowners Still Prefer Boilers

A lot of homeowners have switched over to heating systems that use forced air and ductwork to heat their homes. But there are still many homeowners who prefer a boiler over any other type of heater. Boilers offer a variety of unique benefits compared to models that use air for heating instead.

If you have an existing boiler that is aging and you need a boiler replacement in Staten Island, NY, give our team a call. We can assess your current boiler and see if it’s time to install a replacement unit. You can also keep reading to learn more about the many benefits that set a boiler apart from other types of heating systems.

Energy Efficiency

Boilers are unique from other types of heaters. The network of pipes that are in your floors or walls help to transmit heat through your home so much more effectively than air. Water and metal are both better conductors of heat. The boiling hot water flowing through these pipes heats your home up without requiring a lot of energy to do so.

Low Maintenance Needs

Boilers don’t usually require a lot of maintenance. It is still important to pay attention to how your boiler is operating and schedule regular tune-ups for it. However, the tasks that we complete at boiler tune-up appointments are usually fairly minor compared to maintenance tasks required for other types of heaters, such as furnaces and heat pumps.


Boilers provide unparalleled comfort. No matter how cold it gets outside, a boiler will keep your home very warm inside. Even after the hot water travels through the pipes and returns back to the boiler storage tank, the metal pipes remain hot, continuing to keep your home warm for an extended period of time. 

Plus, a boiler is generating heat from the ground up. Some heaters that use ductwork and air vents have vents that are located along the ceiling. Heat naturally rises, so there’s a good chance that heat is getting trapped along the ceilings in your home and not permeating the rest of the rooms. Boilers spread their heat evenly.


You can also rest easy knowing that a boiler is highly safe to operate. Although gas boilers still combust and burn gas the same way as furnaces, they don’t suffer from some of the problems that can affect furnaces such as flame roll-out. As long as you keep your boiler regularly maintained, it should operate at high safety levels.

Boilers also have a variety of pressure gauges and ways for you to keep an eye on operation and make sure that the boiler is operating safely. If you ever have any concerns, you can give our team a call and schedule a service appointment to have your boiler checked out.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for boiler installation or service.

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