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Signs You May Need to Call for Furnace Repair

furnace-repair-technicianThe furnace is one of the oldest types of heating system still found in homes. When we first started in business back in 1930, our company delivered coal, which was the principle fuel that furnaces used at the time. Our business changed along with furnace technology: residential furnaces no longer run from coal, but from natural gas, electricity, or liquid propane. We work with a range of furnace types, and we also deliver natural gas to homes. We’re the people to contact whenever you have trouble with your furnace in Staten Island, NY. We’ll work to have your furnace back in working order, and back it up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

But furnace malfunctions can be a bit tricky and insidious. There aren’t always easy to identify when they start up. Below is a short guide to some common signs that your furnace has problems and you should call us to check it out.

Strange noises

You’re probably used to the sounds that your furnace makes when it’s running if you’ve used it for any stretch of time. When those noises change or if the furnace starts to be louder than normal, it’s a major red flag that the furnace is in trouble. Some common warning noises include rattling, booming, clicking, and screeching. Each of these sounds can have a variety of issues behind it, so leave the diagnosis to the HVAC professionals.

Low airflow

Does the airflow from the room vents feel sluggish or weak? There may be trouble with the blower motor or trouble in the ventilation system that is allowing air to leak out.

Steep rises in your utility bills

When part of a furnace malfunctions, it usually causes the furnace’s components to work harder—even if the furnace is still delivering the same level of heating to the house. You’ll notice this when you see your monthly utility bill and it’s higher than normal. Unless you can account for the rise in your bills with higher furnace use, it’s a good idea to call on HVAC professionals.


This is a term referring to a furnace that is rapidly turning on and off. A furnace should complete its heating cycle each time it comes on. If a furnace continually cycles on and off every fifteen minutes or so, something isn’t right. The furnace might be overheating or the thermostats are miscalibrated. There are a number of possible causes, which is why you need to have professionals look into it.

Cold spots around the house

Most of your house is enjoying pleasant warm temperatures—but there are one or two rooms that seem abnormally cold. There could be drafts in the room from a slightly open window or a window that hasn’t been caulked. But it may be the furnace is starting to lose its heating power, and the rooms most distant along the ventilation system aren’t receiving sufficient warmth.

Don’t delay if you think you have a malfunctioning furnace. Not only is this simply good sense—you don’t want the problem to get worse and cause the furnace to stop working—but right now we’re running an offer to save $40 off any repair when you book today.

Scaran serves Staten Island and its neighbors.

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