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Signs Your Heating System Needs Repair

inside-of-a-heat-exchangerFall is here and winter will be here before you know it. If you haven’t already switched over to heating, you will soon. And when you do need the heater in your home, you want it to work great. Have you invested in heater maintenance over the past couple of years? If not, you might be facing heater problems this year.

Over time, your heater wears down and doesn’t work as efficiently. Small problems can occur and you may not even notice them until they get worse. Go ahead and schedule a heating service in Staten Island, NY before the heating season ramps up. This helps to ensure your heater works great all season long.

If you’re not sure what the signs are that your heating system needs repair, read on to learn more. 

Energy Bills Increasing

Are your energy bills steadily increasing month after month without stop? This isn’t normal. Sure, the rates fluctuate with your energy provider, and your usage changes over time. But that doesn’t mean your bills increase all the time. If you notice that you’re using more energy than you used to without any changes to your energy habits, your HVAC system may be to blame. Your system loses efficiency over time. When you invest in heating maintenance, you can win some of that efficiency back instead of losing it forever. 

Unusual Smells

When you first turn your heater on for the season, you may smell a musty odor. But this smell should go away quickly as your unit continues to run. Persistent smells that are unusual indicate that something is wrong with your heater. It could be that a part is overheating, or it could be holes in your ventilation allowing mold and mildew growth. Either way, you want to get the smells addressed sooner rather than later. 

Loud Sounds

Your heater is not going to be completely quiet while it runs. But heater sounds should fade into the background as white noise in your home. If you hear persistent or loud sounds while your heater is running, something is wrong. Loose parts may be rattling around, or parts that need lubrication are grinding together. These are quick fixes when they’re addressed early. But left unchecked, these sounds can lead to bigger problems later on. 

Uneven Heat

Your home should feel equally warm in every room. Having one or two rooms that are significantly warmer or cooler is a sign that something is wrong. Most often, your ductwork needs adjusting so that heat can flow evenly to reach the rooms in your home. 

Lukewarm Air

The air that flows into your home when the heat is on should be noticeably warm. Lukewarm or cool air is a sign that your heater isn’t able to warm the air as it should. Even if your home is still comfortable, your heater may be taking on unnecessary wear and tear as it tries to heat your home without success. 

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