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Why You Should Switch to a Heat Pump

air-conditioner-unit-being-repairedIn a perfect world, your summer would be filled with bomb pops, hot cloud free days, and endless afternoons by the pool. In our world, your summer might be overshadowed by a defunct air conditioner. A faulty air conditioner can really ruin your whole summer. It can be hard to get comfortable at night if you’re sweltering without the assistance of a great AC unit.

If you’re choosing to skip out on running your air conditioning system because you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for your air conditioning services, it’s time to consider a heat pump. We specialize in air conditioning in East Brunswick, NJ. We know how to match your home with the perfect heat pump to keep you cool this year. Come to our experts.

What’s a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a climate control system that’s constructed just like an air conditioner. The main difference between a heat pump and a standard central air conditioner is a heat pump’s ability to warm a home as well. That’s right! A heat pump can reverse the direction that your refrigerant flows to heat your air conditioner from the same unit. Heat pumps are also great because the way they work is a little different than a standard system. They’re a lot more energy efficient because of it.

Why You Should Make the Switch

Heat pumps are great for your home because they boast a myriad of benefits including the following:

  • They’re Energy-Efficient: Heat pumps use a lot less energy that a standard central air conditioner or a heater because they move heat rather than generate it. For example, in summer a heat pump will move all the warm air inside your home outdoors to bring the temperature down. In winter, a heat pump will draw in the warm air from outdoors into your home to raise the temperature.
  • They Heat and Cool: We stated this in the explanation of heat pumps above, however, we really like to double down on this facet of heat pumps because it’s such a unique factor. Heat pumps are capable of keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer all from one unit. This is great because you only have to buy, service, and repair one single system rather than a standard temperature control set up (a furnace and a central air conditioner) to keep yourself comfortable. This level of convenience makes heat pumps incredibly popular.
  • They’re Cost-Effective: Energy efficiency is in direct correlation with the cost of your cooling. Running a heat pump in your home can greatly reduce the price of your monthly energy bills. The cost-saving benefits of your heat pump won’t just stop in summer either—these benefits extend year-round because your heat pump heats and cools. It’s a great deal for your home! Make sure you consider this option for your home before you upgrade your AC unit this year.

Contact Scaran if you’d like to install a heat pump this summer. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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