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When to Call It Quits With Your AC Unit

One of the toughest decisions to make is the one to let go of your current air conditioning unit. You purchase an air conditioning unit with the intention of keeping it for the long haul. Your air conditioning unit sees you through many summers and when it’s finally time to call it quits, it can be quite the hassle. If you’ve had to replace your air conditioning unit in the past, you might have noticed that the process wasn’t the easiest. We hear a lot of stories about past experiences with other contractors that leave us in shock. It’s one of our main motivators to provide a smooth experience that’s hassle-free. We’ll be here when you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioning in Staten Island, NY. Contact us when you’re ready to make a difference.  

A Few Signs It’s Time to Go

Here are a few signs that it’s time to upgrade your air conditioning unit. 

Old Age

How long have you had your air conditioning unit? If it’s around 10–15 years of age, then it’s time to upgrade. We know that this might not be something you’re thinking about if you’ve had your air conditioner for this long and it still seems to be working well. Old age is something that’s going to plague your system because efficiency decreases over time. This will result in lowered energy output and higher energy bills. We recommend upgrading around this time period for this reason.

Poor Operation

Are you having trouble getting your air conditioner to actually cool off your home? This points to a problem with the sizing and capacity of your home’s air conditioner. Poor operation shouldn’t happen. If you’ve already tried to address the issue with repair and it hasn’t worked, then we suggest getting in touch with our team members for replacement.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills are higher than ever before although there hasn’t been a change in the way you operate your home? If the only difference is that you’re now running your air conditioner, then you’re probably having efficiency issues. If you upgrade, it’s likely that you’ll actually save yourself money over the upcoming cooling seasons.

Odd Noises

Odd noises are something that you should take note of. If you hear concerning or loud sounds like banging, rattling, scraping, and more, then it’s important to consider replacement work. Ongoing loud noises are going to lead to other repair problems and potential breakdowns if they go untreated. 

Constant / Expensive Repairs

If you’re repairing your air conditioner on a routine basis, then this is already a bad sign. If these air conditioning repair costs are higher than they’ve ever been before, then it’s definitely time for you to upgrade. Frequent air conditioning repair needs already point to signs that your air conditioner isn’t able to perform properly. High cost for your repairs means that you have significant issues every time. These combinations warrant an upgrade. It’s likely that this upgrade will be more worthwhile than frequent repairs.

Contact Scaran when you’re ready to upgrade your air conditioning unit. 

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