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If You’re Having These Heating Problems Make Sure You Contact a Technician

Technician servicing an hot-water heaterIt’s a good idea to make sure your heating system is in order, especially since we’re now in the middle of winter. Sometimes, there are signs of heating problems that homeowners aren’t aware of. Here at our company, we see a lot of late-stage heating problems or complete heating system breakdowns because homeowners failed to notice the early signs of a malfunction. We’re here to lay out the warning signs that you should look for.

If you need Piscataway, NY furnace repair in your home, make sure that you contact our team. We’re the most reliable HVAC company here in Staten Island because we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Watch Out for These Signs

If you notice any of these signs in your home, make sure that you contact our team today.

  • Too Much Dust: Yes, this is actually a problem that indicates that you’re having trouble with your furnace system. If you notice a high amount of dust in the air or if you feel like you’re always dusting your home then start by changing your furnace filter. If you’re still having persistent troubles with dust in your home, make sure that you contact our team.
  • High Energy Bills: Have you noticed that your heating bills have skyrocketed this winter? Sure, you can expect your heating bills to be a little big higher during this winter season because you’re relying on your heating a little bit more, but if you have unreasonably high bills then it’s a big problem in your home. It could be a problem stemming from your ductwork or it could be a problem stemming from some component in your furnace system. The only way to be certain is through a diagnosis of your heating system.
  • Thermostat Trouble: Is your thermostat unreliable? Maybe you noticed that the temperature that’s displayed on your thermostat isn’t the same temperature that you feel in your home. In this case, you should contact a professional. An unreliable thermostat is something that is normally a symptom of electrical problems, but it could also just be a problem stemming from having an outdated furnace. If you still have a dial thermostat or a no-frills digital thermostat, consider to upgrading to a Wi-Fi or smart thermostat.
  • Odd Noises: Are you noticing some weird noises when your heater runs? This is a huge warning sign that you have some big furnace troubles on the horizon. Pops, squeaks, or grating sounds are all indications of loose parts or other problems in the heater. Don’t try to self-diagnose this problem. Instead, contact our team.
  • Weak Airflow: Could the airflow coming from your vents be described as “meek?” If so, it’s time to contact a professional. If you notice weak airflow, it could indicate a number of problems ranging from minor fan issues to major belt and motor complications, or even just a problem with clogged venting systems.

If you want a heating problem then make sure that you contact a heating technician here at Scaran. We have more than 90 years of experience servicing homeowners in the area.

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