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How a Malfunctioning Thermostat Affects Your Heating

setting-thermostatThe thermostat appears to be a simple device. You adjust it and program it so you have the indoor climate you want, and probably don’t give much more thought to it than that. (Unless, of course, you’ve got family members arguing over what temperature to set it!)

But many common problems homeowners encounter with their heating systems can be traced to thermostat malfunctions. These problems can be mistaken for issues in the heater itself, and this is one of the reasons you always want to call on professionals for any service for your heating in Staten Island, NY that you might need. The experts can detect if the trouble is in the heater or if the thermostat is at fault.

What Can Happen with a Bad Thermostat

Thermostats can malfunction in different ways, and you’ve probably already imagined what can happen as a result. Here are some of the problems:

  • Short-cycling heater: This is one of the biggest problems you can have with a heating system—the heater stopping and starting repeatedly over a short time, never completing the cooling cycle. There are many reasons for this to happen, but a thermostat reading the incorrect temperatures is a leading one. The thermostat will shut the heater off too early, creating the stop-start problem that places enormous stress on the heater’s components. This wastes energy and will shorten HVAC equipment life.
  • Uneven temperatures around the house: If you discover some parts of the house aren’t as warm as others, you may have a faulty thermostat that’s not allowing the heater to reach the temperature you have set for it. Some rooms will receive sufficient heating, but the heater will turn off before the heat can reach all the rooms.
  • The blower fan won’t turn on: The wires from the thermostat each control a different part of the heating system, and one of those wires controls turning on the blower fan. If you don’t hear the blower fan come on when the heater is supposed to be running, it might be a thermostat issue.
  • The blower fan won’t turn off: There’s also a wire from the thermostat to the blower fan that shuts the fan off. If this wire fails, the blower may continue to run without stop.
  • No heating at all: A thermostat that completely loses connection to the heating system means nothing will work. The thermostat is where you communicate instructions to the heater. If you can’t do that, the heater won’t do anything.

Repair or Replace the Thermostat?

If our technicians discover the root of the heating issues in your home are in the thermostat, we’ll see what we can do about repairing it. In some situations, you may wish to have a new thermostat installed. We strongly recommend you replace any old mercury sensor thermostat, which is bad for the environment. You may also wish to upgrade to a more precise digital model. However, it must match your HVAC system or risk causing damage to it and voiding the warranty. Leave everything to our skilled hands.

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