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Reasons Your Home Is Heating Unevenly

man-keping-warmIs your living room burning hot, but your bedroom is freezing cold? You’re having trouble with uneven heating, but what’s the cause of this problem? Uneven heating is one of the most frustrating problems to have in your home because it makes it impossible to feel comfortable in every area of the house. There is a wide array of problems that cause uneven heating, but luckily, there are also many solutions for this as well.

If you need a great Edison, NJ HVAC company then you need our team. We can get your heating system running like new again.

The Causes

We’ve listed some of the most common causes of uneven heating below.

If you have a radiant heating system:

  • Blocked Radiator: If you have a boiler in your home, you know the radiator relies on air moving underneath these units and rising as it heats. If you put clothing, furniture, shoes, etc. underneath your radiator then it causes problems with the system. Keep the radiator clear so that the system is as efficient as possible.
  • You Need Radiator Maintenance: The way radiators work is by filling themselves with hot water and then heating the air flowing past the radiator. Radiators can have operation problems over time that limit their capacity to fill with water. Radiators have problems when the top portion fills with air. You might need your radiator “bled” to increase its capacity again. This is a simple maintenance service that’s easily performed by one of our experienced technicians.

If you have a forced air system:

  • Dirty Ductwork: If you can’t remember the last time you’ve had your air ducts cleaned, then it’s time to schedule service with our team. Over time your forced air system accumulates dirt, dust, and grime which reduces the efficiency of your system—potentially heating your home unevenly.
  • Duct Leaks: The same problem can happen if you have a duct leak. If you’ve had recent renovations in your home, you might have a disconnected duct somewhere. It’s extremely common to have uneven heating problems if you have a disconnected duct.
  • Blocked/Closed Registers: Do you have things sitting in front of the HVAC registers in your home? If you have shelving, books, clothing, furniture, or any other home items in front of or on top of the registers in your home then you should clear them. The same goes for closed registers. You won’t get any heat if these registers aren’t open!
  • Wrong Size Unit: Sizing your unit before installation can make or break the performance of the unit. It’s possible your home’s furnace might not be powerful enough for the space.
  • Your Home’s Layout: A potential reason for uneven heating and cooling might be with the layout of your home. Most homes are structured in a way where different areas or floors have heating and cooling needs because of the way in which sunlight hits your home or how trees or outside foliage shade the area. This makes it difficult for a single thermostat system to heat your home adequately.

If you’d like to take measures to heat your home evenly, contact our team at Scaran today. We have the right solutions for the specific needs of your home.

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