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What Your Boiler Is Trying to Tell You

man-keping-warmYou’re using your boiler more often this season. It makes sense because it gets colder by the day and you need substantial heating more often. This year though, your boiler has been doing some odd things.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t really notice anything new with any type of HVAC system that you have in your home. Don’t think that your unit is suddenly picking up some new tricks. Anything new that’s happening with your system is an issue. Your boiler isn’t a piece of equipment that should be developing new habits. If you notice something unusual, then it’s a clear sign you need boiler repair in Staten Island, NY. We’re here to provide it for you.

This Is When You Should Call for Boiler Repair

These are a few undeniable signs you should call our professionals for boiler repair work:

Low Power

When you’re lounging around in your home this winter, your ultimate goal is to get cozy. But this winter has proved to be a challenge. You find yourself pulling out more blankets, acquiring a variety of fuzzy socks, and even getting into the idea of wearing gloves and hats inside. We’re all for being cozy, but this is a problem. It’s actually an indication of low heating power. You shouldn’t have to pull out different tips and tricks to stay warm. The boiler should be enough.

Thermostat Troubles

Does your boiler seem as if it’s going through a rebellious phase? You can turn your thermostat to virtually any setting and it’s just not ever going to respond the way you want it to. Thermostat troubles are bad news and will lead to bigger problems later on in the season.

Won’t Turn On

You’ve progressed past thermostat issues at this point. Now, your home’s boiler just won’t turn on. You’re even having extra trouble at this point where your boiler might turn on when you don’t want it on. It’s like someone else has control of the system and they’re definitely not in your house because it’s not on par with your comfort. This is a sign you need boiler repair.

Gurgling and Other Odd Noises

Your boiler shouldn’t really be noisy. Yes, your boiler is a system that uses in-floor and in-wall set-ups to heat up your home, so you might hear a little something, but anything you can classify as “noise” is too loud. Watch out for sounds like gurgling, whistling, and banging. Any odd noise you hear indicates a distinct issue. Our professionals will help you figure it out.


If you have a hydronic boiler system at home, you definitely run the potential risk of a leak. The thing is that this really shouldn’t happen in your home unless things get extreme. If you’re at the point of a leak, then several things have gone wrong before you got to this point. We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but this is an intense issue. We’re here to rectify it with ease.

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