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How to Help Your Garbage Disposal

hand-drawing-check-box-on-white-backgroundHow often do you use your home’s garbage disposal? We’d guess that you use the garbage disposal almost daily and, if not, it’s still extremely often. If your home’s garbage disposal is in good shape, then it’s a great ally to your home and everything that you do in your kitchen. If your home’s garbage disposal starts to break down though, you know that you need a plumber in Woodbridge, NJ.

That’s where we step in. We’re a local plumbing contractor that takes all the work we do extremely seriously. If you’d like to get your garbage disposal in great shape, then just keep reading below. We’re here to help you with exactly what you need this season.

What You Should Do for Your Garbage Disposal

Here’s what you should do to keep your home’s garbage disposal happy:

1. Know What Can Go Down It

This is an important one. You need to know what can go down your home’s garbage disposal. After you’ve had your home’s garbage disposal unit for a while, it’s natural for you to get a little relaxed. You might find yourself feeling more brazen with what you let travel down the kitchen sink. While this is natural to a certain extent, we want you to avoid certain things from ever traveling down the sink. This includes the following:

  • F.O.G.: F.O.G. stands for fat, oil, and grease. These are all clog-causing substances that will hurt your drain if they’re poured down the garbage disposal. Allow these substances to cool to room temperature and be thrown in the trash instead.
  • Pits: The pit of that peach shouldn’t go into your garbage disposal. It’s too likely that it might break a blade.
  • Pithy Substances and Peels: Things like celery or potato peels should always go into the garbage. Their texture tends to get all tangled up and causes clogs in the plumbing system.

2. Don’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

So let’s say you’ve had a slip-up, you let one of the things that shouldn’t go down the drain into your garbage disposal, and you have a little hiccup. You hear a lot of gurgling when you put something down your sink and now you’ve noticed that you have an outright clog. Your next step is the tried and true savior: a quick trip to your local drugstore for a chemical drain cleaner.

This might have been something you’ve done in the past, but it’s also something we’d like to advise against you ever doing in the future. Chemical drain cleaners are too harsh. Yes, it’s going to eat away at the clog, but the chances are high that your chemical drain cleaner might eat away at your pipe for a midnight snack. You don’t want to risk this.

3. Call for Routine Service

You should actually have a plumbing professional out to your home for a routine checkup. We know that this isn’t something you always think of, but routine service is great for your plumbing too. It’s a way to prevent upsets before they happen. We’re here to help you through this. You can always rely on our plumbers for quality work that makes a difference.

Contact Scaran today for quality plumbing services.

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