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Why Does My Home Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

question-mark-badgeYou always want your home to smell pleasant. This is especially true during this time of year. You’re spending more time at home than you would during a warmer season. Winter should be a time where your home is swirling with the odors of baked goods, candles, and the warm smoky scent of a fireplace burning. What should you do if your home starts to smell like rotten eggs though?

This is when you should call us for heater service in Woodbridge, NJ. This is definitely a scent that is off-putting, but it’s actually a scent that’s a little alarming as well. This scent can be a warning sign that something is going wrong with your home that could affect your health. We’re going to help you sniff out the source of the problem below…

Where’s The Smell Coming From?

Here are a few things that could be happening in your home:

Your Heater

Yup! Your heater could actually cause this terrible sulfur smell in your home. You’ll know that this smell is coming from your heater if you notice that the stench arises whenever you run your heater. What you’re smelling is a natural gas leak. This is dangerous in large amounts and bad for your health in any amount. This is definitely what you’re experiencing if you feel nauseous, dizzy, or tired often.

Your Stove

This one is pretty straightforward, but we do notice that this is something that homeowners tend to skip over. Make sure that none of the knobs on your gas stove are turned on and leaking. If they are, then you’re having a similar problem to your heater. You’re slowly letting gas into your home and it’s a problem.

Your Plumbing

You might have stinky plumbing. Is this unpleasant odor wafting up from one of your sinks? Sniff around and find out. If it is, then you’re probably letting a clog form while you don’t even realize it. We can help you avoid this with cleaning for your plumbing system.

Your Water Heater

This foul odor could actually be coming from your home’s water heater too. If your home’s water heater isn’t clean, then you’re probably circulating stinky water throughout your home. Sometimes, a water heater that hasn’t been flushed in a while can actually start to smell foul. We’re the ones who can help you solve this issue.

What You Should Do

As we stated above, this smell can actually be the sign that something is really going wrong in your home. The number one thing that you should do in this scenario is to call a professional. We have both heating and plumbing professionals on our team. This means that even if you call us up because you think you have a heating problem that’s causing the sulfur smell and discover that it’s actually a plumbing problem, we have someone that can handle this too. Put your trust in a professional to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Contact Scaran today for your heating needs this winter. We’re a reliable HVAC contractor.

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