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What’s Water Hammer?

portrait-of-hands-holding-white-paper-houseYou shouldn’t notice much noise from your home’s plumbing system. But things are a bit different right now … you hear a loud banging whenever you turn a faucet on. This is called water hammer, and it’s a problem. It’s not just annoying: it’s something that’s going to negatively affect the functionality of your home’s plumbing system.

If you hear this noise, then we’re here to help you out with everything you need. We have just the plumber in Dayton, NJ for you. Water hammer isn’t something you should ignore. When you hear this sound, make sure you pick up the phone and say something about it to our professionals.

What’s Happening?

So what exactly is happening when you hear water hammer happening in your house? Water hammer can be caused by a few different things:

High Water Pressure: High water pressure is the result of trouble at the main valve.

Old Pipes: Your pipes are old and just moving around a bit. You can’t expect a pipe that’s been around forever to be as sturdy as it once was. They rattle as water moves through them and this causes water hammer.

Debris in Water Chamber: Water or any other debris in your home’s air chambers is going to be a problem that causes water hammer.

Failing Appliance: Sometimes things with your home’s water heater, dishwater, or other water-related appliance can go wrong. When this happens, you might start to notice water hammer.

Why Is It Happening?

Now you know what caused the problem that you’ve had with your home’s water hammer. Now let’s talk about why the water hammer might happen in your home.

The thing about water hammer is that the general reason it’s happening is pressure. Sometimes it’s too much pressure (high water pressure) or pressure your system can’t handle (failing appliances or old pipes). No matter the cause, you’re going to need to consult a professional for the work necessary to fix it.

How Do I Keep It From Happening in the Future?

You’ve already been through an issue with water hammer. Now, let’s talk about how to prevent water hammer in the future. There are a few things that you can do. You want to start by consulting a professional to tighten any loose pipes. Loose pipes are more common than you think. Tightening up your pipes is a surefire way to prevent low-level water hammer going on in your home.

Have you already done this and you’re still facing problems? You might want to install an air chamber or a water pressure regulator. An air chamber is a short upright piece of pipe that’s installed close to the valves that produce the water hammer.

A water pressure regulator is something that you should go for if water hammer seems to be a persistent issue in your home. If the water pressure entering your home is too high as a whole, then you can install a regulator. We’re going to help you find the solution that’s right for you.

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