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5 Signs Your Ducts Need Repair

Ecologic home , green outline on whiteMost homeowners fall into the trap of not paying attention to their duct needs until it’s far too late. The issue with ductwork is that once it gets to this point, it’s already too far gone. Today, we’d like to help you get a handle on your duct services.

Your ducts usually give you a heads up to problems that are coming down the pipeline. We’re going to hip you to the signs that your ducts are in distress. If you need duct repair in Staten Island, NY, then we can be the team to help you with these services. Get in touch with us for what you need.

You Should Repair If…

Here are some signs that your home’s ducts require repair services.

1. Uneven Heating and Cooling

If you notice that you can’t seem to get an even temperature balance throughout your home, then you should check in with your ducts. Most of the time, homeowners are quick to look toward their thermostat or even their HVAC unit itself when these problems arise. While these could be contributing factors to your uneven heating and cooling, your ducts are typically the main suspect. Any type of inconsistency is typically due to gapping, leaks, or any other issues.

2. Loud Noises

Have you noticed some really loud or odd noises coming from your home’s ductwork? Sounds like popping, banging, or even whistling are the sound of your ductwork underperforming. You’re hearing the sound of the airflow moving in odd ways. Don’t ignore strange sounds. It’s important to note these noises and alert a professional as soon as possible.

3. Foul Scents

Are you noticing a persistent mold or mildew smell? It might be hard to place because you’ve thoroughly cleaned your bathroom and your shower. All the places that you’d expect mold to pop up are spotless. If this is your issue, you definitely need to turn to your ductwork. A damp smell could be wafting through the vents. It’s easy for this space to collect excess moisture and create an issue.

4. Excess Dust

If you’re shocked by the amount of dust in your home and find yourself dusting way too often, this issue might be a side effect of your ductwork. Large amounts of dust that never seem to leave are a sign of your home not being able to perform efficiently.

5. High Energy Bills

If your energy bills spike out of nowhere and you can’t seem to find the source of the problem, then you need to look at the ducts. Sometimes, your ducts either tear or fill with debris. In either scenario, your ducts are forced to work much harder to provide you with proper heating and cooling.

The troubling thing about this is that you might not notice this problem until you’re dealing with ridiculously high energy bills. We’re here to help when this is the case. Duct services can get your energy bills back within a reasonable range.

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