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Signs You Need to Invest in Repairs for Your HVAC Ducts and Air Vents

You know about investing in maintenance and repairs for your air conditioner, but what about the ductwork attached to your AC? It plays a crucial role in how well your HVAC system is able to heat and cool your home and deserves a little TLC from time to time, too.

If it has been a few years, if ever, that you’ve invested in maintenance and repairs for your ductwork, now is a great time to schedule this service. You can give our team a call to schedule HVAC duct and vent repair in Woodbridge, NJ. Then keep reading to learn more about the signs that can indicate it is time for your ductwork to be repaired.

Increase in Dust

One of the easiest ways to identify that your ductwork needs some professional attention is by monitoring dust levels around your home. If you’re having to wipe down surfaces more frequently because they get dirty faster, your ductwork is probably to blame.

Ducts get dirty in two ways. The first is that dust and dirt inevitably get through your air filter sometimes and make their way into the system. These particles can quickly add up in your ductwork and eventually mix back in with clean air to blow out into your house.

The second is that your ductwork can develop holes and breaks or have seals wear out until dust from your attic or basement managed to get into the ductwork through these openings. Making repairs to these gaps ensures that your ductwork is completely airtight so you get a fresh start. Professional repairs will also clean your ductwork during the repair appointment to make sure to get rid of any dust buildup.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Aside from dust on surfaces, you may feel like the indoor air quality of your home is getting worse. The air may smell bad, or simply feel heavy instead of light and fresh. Cleaning out your ductwork helps to eliminate dust and dirt recirculating to your home again and again to give your indoor air quality a little boost.

Inconsistent Airflow

You may also find that airflow throughout your home is not consistent from room to room. This happens when the ductwork holes and broken seals that we mentioned above allow air to escape before it ever reaches the living spaces of your home. Depending on where the holes are, conditioned air can escape before reaching certain rooms of your house. This can result in hot and cold spots as air gets dispersed differently around your home.

High Energy Bills

You also need to consider having your ductwork looked at if your energy bills are going up without an explanation. You can expect small fluctuations from month to month and from season to season. But you shouldn’t see your energy costs skyrocket if you haven’t changed your how your using your HVAC system and heating or cooling your home.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for your indoor air quality solution.

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