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Tips for Making a Loud Central AC Run Quieter

Is your air conditioner making a lot of racket during operation? If so, you may be wondering how to quiet all the noise so that it fades into the background instead of being loud enough that you have to speak over it. Keep reading to learn our tips for ensuring quiet AC operation and knowing when to call for service because your AC’s sounds are getting out of hand.

Just give us a call for loud noises in your central air conditioning in Staten Island, NY and we can help troubleshoot. Sometimes noisy operation is easy enough to address yourself, but other times you need to leave it to the AC pros. When in doubt, it’s always better to play it safe and reach out for help. 

Check for Signs of Problems

First, you want to think about whether or not the sounds you’re hearing are a normal part of AC operation or not. Sometimes air conditioners produce a bit of a roaring sound as airflow moves through the system. If this is the sound that is bothering you, keep reading to learn our tips for addressing AC operation that is louder than what you expect it to be.

However, there are other times when noisy AC operation should be considered a red flag. If your air conditioner is suddenly louder than it used to be, that probably means that something is going wrong inside the unit. 

For example, a rattling sound could indicate loose parts inside of your air conditioner or loose ductwork that needs to be secured. A hissing or bubbling sound could point to a refrigerant leak. A clicking sound might mean that your air conditioner is having trouble turning on and off for cooling cycles.

Invest in a Sound Blanket

You can find soundproofing options for both the indoor and outdoor portions of your air conditioning unit. First you have to determine which part of the unit is producing loud sounds during operation. Then research your options and choose an appropriate sound blanket. 

Keep in mind that you should choose a sound blanket specifically designed for an indoor or outdoor air conditioning unit. AC sound blankets are uniquely designed to allow airflow while reducing noise levels. Using the incorrect type of product could lead to airflow problems for your air conditioner.

When it comes to the indoor portion of your unit, you may simply need to soundproof the closet where your unit is located. In this case, you can purchase soundproofing blankets that you tack up inside the closet to help muffle sounds. 

Consider a Smaller Unit

If a sound blanket doesn’t help, there’s a chance that your air conditioner is too large for the space you are cooling. You can have our team take a look at your existing unit and do the math on sizing the air conditioner for the space of your home. If your air conditioner is too large, it probably has more power than it needs for cooling. 

As a result, it is louder during operation because it is designed to cool a much larger space. Depending on the age of your unit, you may want to downsize to a smaller AC. However, if your air conditioner is still fairly new, it may not make sense to pay for an upgrade. In this case, our team can talk to you about your options and do everything we can to help your unit operate as quietly as possible.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for your ductless heating and cooling solution.

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