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You May Need Duct Testing to Help with Heating Problems

inside-air-ducts“Why can’t my heating system keep up in the winter?”

We hear this question often. When something isn’t working with a home’s heater during a New York winter, it means miserable days until it’s fixed. There also isn’t a simple answer to the question, because many different troubles might lurk behind the furnace or heat pump that’s falling behind on the job. For example, a furnace that was poorly installed (a huge risk with amateur work) may be unable to output sufficient warmth. This is called an undersized heater, and the solution is to replace it.

The heater could also be suffering from a number of malfunctions, such as clogged-up burners, a congested air filter, or issues with the blower fan. Sometimes, the thermostat could be at fault. In most situations, a repair technician can restore the heater to proper operation.

There’s another possibility, which is that the heater is fine—the problem is damaged and leaking air ducts. Solving this problem requires having professionals do duct testing and sealing.

The Problem with Damaged Ducts

The ductwork responsible for transporting heated air from the furnace to the rooms around the house suffers from wear and tear, just like other parts of the HVAC system. This can lead to air leaks, and even small leaks will accumulate into larger problems, such as:

  • Uneven heating: If your home heating trouble is that some rooms are colder than they should be, it may be due to loss of heated air through leaks in the ducts going to those rooms. Up to 30% of the heated air moving through the ventilation system can escape through these leaks, and that makes a difference in comfort.
  • Drop in air pressure in the ducts: The overall comfort obstacle leaking ducts create is that the air pressure inside the ventilation system will decline. Ductwork is supposed to be airtight to maintain this pressure. When it drops, airflow to the vents also drops and general comfort will go with it.
  • Higher heating bills: Along with your problem adequately heating your house, you might discover you’re paying higher utility bills. Paying more for less heat? Yes, that’s what happens when the energy to heat the air goes to waste through air leaks.

It Starts with Testing

The way to find out if duct damage is the source of your heating woes is to schedule professional duct testing. This will find out if the ducts are leaking and the extent of the problem. Once this is done, professionals can restore the ducts to being airtight once more using sealing methods, such as metallic tapes and mastic sealant. Once done with the sealing, the professionals will test the ducts again to ensure the ventilation system is in good shape.

If you’re looking for a Middlesex, NJ HVAC contractor who can do through duct testing as well as the ductwork repair necessary to fix the uncovered problems, you’re already at the right place. With our extensive history in the HVAC industry and the tools at our disposal, we’ll see the job is done right. It’s vital to us to always do the best work possible so our customers are happy.

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