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“Is This a Plumbing Emergency?”

We understand that plumbing problems can be a little tricky because it’s difficult to understand where to draw the line with them. All plumbing emergencies can seem a little urgent solely because they typically involve running water or sewage. This begs the question, “What exactly is considered a plumbing emergency?” In a perfect world, you would be able to treat every plumbing problem with urgency, but in the real world, sometimes some issues need to take precedent over others. This is why it’s useful to know what’s considered a plumbing emergency.

We’re experts in everything plumbing. This means that we understand exactly what to look for and where to draw the line between a plumbing problem and an emergency. Let’s figure out what’s going on in your home. 

What Is Considered a Plumbing Emergency?

These are occurrences that you can consider a plumbing emergency. 

Pipe Bursts

We like to start with this issue because it’s a timely one. As the weather gets colder this winter, this problem because more and more common with homeowners. A pipe burst is definitely an emergency. If you notice this in your home, there’s no doubt that you should contact one of our professionals for plumbing repair. We can be out to your home as soon as possible to address this issue. 

Overflowing Toilets

Has your toilet overflowed? Overflowing toilets are a twofold emergency. It can be considered an emergency on one level solely because it’s highly likely that the overflow can cause water damage. On another level, a toilet overflow can be a hygiene issue. Either reason is a great reason to contact a professional for emergency plumbing services. 


Leaks are an undeniable plumbing issue. Most of the time, homeowners are in agreement with us about this. Where we see conflicting opinions on this is if the leak is small or slow. While leaks may seem like they’re going to stay small or slow, there’s no real guarantee that this is going to happen. Leaks can pick up the pace out of nowhere. This is why you should get in touch with a professional as soon as possible when you notice this. 

Water Heater Problems

Any problem with your water heater is a great reason to call for plumbing services. You might not realize it, but your water heater is one of the hardest working systems in your home. You use it daily and you use it to a great extent. This is why you should act fast if you’re experiencing any water heater troubles. 

Rust or Corrosion

Have you noticed that there is rust or corrosion anywhere on your home’s plumbing? This isn’t something that you should ignore. Yes, this might seem like something that shouldn’t be considered an emergency, but we can assure you that it is. Rust and corrosion are two telltale signs that you’re going to have troubles with your plumbing system. It’s better to address these issues now rather than wait until the problem becomes even bigger later. 

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