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Has Your Water Pressure Dropped? Let’s Look into That

closeup-hands-under-flow-of-waterWhen you turn on the shower in the morning to wake you up and prepare you for the day, you have an expectation of how hard the water will come from the showerhead. But what if you turn the shower faucet one morning, and the water coming from the showerhead isn’t flowing out at normal pressure? What if you find the same problem at faucets and other taps around the house?

Looks like your under the sinister sway of … low water pressure!

Ah, but there’s no need to panic. We’re here to help you find out why the water pressure has dropped and whether you need to summon a professional to fix your home plumbing in Piscataway, NJ.

Is only one tap suffering low water pressure?

If it’s only the showerhead in the master bedroom, or the kitchen faucet, or another fixture in the house that has the low-pressure problem, the trouble may be as simple as silt collected in the aerator. Unscrew the aerator and clean it off. We recommend using a little vinegar to help. But while you’ve got the aerator off, turn the faucet on to make sure the pressure is normal. If it isn’t, then there’s another problem at fault.

If the water pressure trouble is occurring at more than one faucet, we have some other explanations to look over …

The municipal water system is at fault

A common cause for a water pressure decline is a problem with the municipal water system. If your neighbors are also experiencing low water pressure, then you may only need to wait for short stretch before the pressure is restored. Call the utility company if it persists.

Trouble with the pressure reducing valve

The water entering a home from the utility system may come in at pressure that’s too high. In this case, the house will have a pressure reducing valve attached to the main to regulate it. You may have one for your home and not even know it. The bell-shaped valve is located on the water main right where it enters your home. You can try to adjust it, but we recommend calling for a plumber to look into the valve and see what repairs need to be done.

Hidden leaks

Water pressure on the decline is often a warning about hidden leaks elsewhere in the plumbing. If you can’t determine why you have low water pressure, call a licensed plumber who offers leak detection services. The plumber can locate where the leaks are and fix them. It’s possible the water main itself is losing water.

Water heater trouble

If the low water pressure affects only the hot water in your house, you likely have a water heater in jeopardy. The water heater’s valve may be partially shut. Make sure it’s open. If the problem is still happening, you’ll need an expert to examine the water heater and have it repaired.

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