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5 Ways to Cut Down on Cooling Costs This Year

thermometer-going-redAnother hot summer in New York is on the way. Are you already worried about the first electrical bills of the season because you know how much it costs to run the AC? We understand, but we also know ways you can lower that summer utility bill sticker shock. Below are five ways you can make those cooling bills much more manageable this summer.

ONE: Install a new air conditioner

We’ll start with the most drastic step, but the one that can potentially save you the most—scrapping an old, inefficient AC for a new one. If your cooling system is more than 15 years old, or it was in your house when you moved in and you have no idea how long it’s been working away, you’re probably ready for an upgrade. Let an HVAC expert take a look at the system during maintenance (see below) and give you an informed opinion on whether it’s time to replace the cooling system. The pro can also give you advice for a new system.

TWO: Arrange for professional maintenance

This is the easiest step to take, because you should take it every spring. Routine maintenance from professionals doesn’t take long, and the benefits you’ll receive all summer are enormous. One of the benefits is the air conditioner won’t unnecessarily drain power. If the air conditioner isn’t given a tune-up, inspection, and cleaning before the summer, it will start to lose its energy efficiency rating and cost you more to run.

THREE: Raise the thermostat, don’t lower it

When it gets hot here in the summer, it can be miserable. You’ll be tempted to lower the thermostat setting down as low as it can go, usually 60°F. This creates a huge energy waste, and you aren’t getting cooling any faster. You’re only keeping the AC’s compressor running longer, ending up with a house that’s far too cold. We recommend a setting of 78°F for the best energy savings while maintaining comfort. If that’s too hot, go a few degrees lower, and then bump up one degree each day to acclimatize the house.

FOUR: Rely on ceiling fans

Ceiling fans can make a major positive impact on the costs to cool a house over the summer. The fans don’t cool the room, but they create a “wind-chill” factor by moving air over people’s bodies so they release heat faster, which makes them feel cooler. A room will feel 8° cooler on average thanks to ceiling fans, and that’s often the difference in whether the AC stays on or off.

FIVE: Change the air filter every 1 to 3 months

This is a step people often forget, and it can drive up cooling bills immensely if it isn’t done. A clogged air filter will place strain on the blower motor, and can cause other problems as well. Depending on the strength of the filter, you should have it swapped out for a new one every 1 to 3 months.

To schedule any AC services in Edison, NJ, including air conditioning maintenance and replacement for a less expensive summer, call us.

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