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Your AC System Needs Some Help

women-with-fanThe warm weather is on its way—do you need air conditioning repair in Piscataway, NJ?

If you’re already having trouble with your home’s air conditioner, then the answer is “yes.” We know that this isn’t typically something that you’re jumping for joy over. If you’ve had to repair your air conditioner or heater in the past, then you’ve probably had trouble with this process. Not every HVAC contractor in the area provides simple and effective service. Our team makes this a priority.

If you’re looking for prompt and effective air conditioning repair, then we’re the team that you should schedule an appointment with. We make everything easy.

Signs That You Should Schedule an AC Repair Appointment

Here are some signs that you should schedule an appointment for air conditioning repair as soon as possible:

You’re Not Warm Enough

It’s getting warm out there, but it’s still spring—it’s not that warm yet. This is why you should schedule an appointment with our professionals if you’re not cool enough in your home.

We know that our Piscataway summers can get quite hot and humid. The heat outdoors is a lot to take on. Your air conditioner should be able to do this with ease. This is because your unit should be perfectly fit to your home. Any struggle that you’re having is indicative of a problem with the heater itself.

You’re Spending Too Much

This is another problem that should really be a major warning flag to you. If you’re spending way too much on your home air conditioning already, then it’s only going to get worse as time goes on. Spending too much money means that you’re having efficiency issues. We can help you get your efficiency levels back to where they need to be. We’re the team that cares about your comfort.

You Have Poor IAQ

Have you noticed that your home’s indoor air quality is suffering? It’s easy to confuse the symptoms you’re experiencing with allergy symptoms, but if they’re happening within the confines of you’re home, then you’re definitely having indoor air quality issues.

Getting a great indoor air quality system can be the answer to your needs.

You’re Experiencing Short Cycling

Short cycling is the process of your home’s air conditioner starting, running for a short amount of time, stopping, and then starting up again shortly after. Short cycling is a sign that your air conditioner is struggling and it will continue to struggle throughout the warm weather season. Don’t let this problem get so severe that it becomes a breakdown. Address it now.

You Hear Odd Noises

Do you notice odd noises whenever you run your home’s heater? Some common heating trouble sounds might include the following:

  • Scraping
  • Rattling
  • Banging
  • Squeaking
  • Squealing
  • Popping
  • Clicking

Really though, any sound you hear that’s new or unusual is a great reason to get in touch with our team members. Waiting for things to get better doesn’t work. In reality, they’re probably going to get worse. We’re here to help you rectify these issues as soon as possible.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our team members.

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