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Is a Boiler Right for You?

Although spring is here according to the calendar, it’s still quite cold here in Staten Island. If you’ve had a rough winter at home and your heater hasn’t been able to cut it, then we suggest considering getting yourself a new heating system. When the average homeowner considers a new heating system, they go straight to thinking about a new furnace for their needs. Instead of doing this, we suggest you consider a boiler in Staten Island, NY

Boilers boast great benefits. If you want a system that’s going to meet all the needs of your home, then we’re the team you should call on. We have heating technicians who know all their stuff. We’re around when you want quality work that’s going to satisfy you. 

Assessing Your Heating Needs

Here are the signs that you could benefit from choosing a boiler for your next heating upgrade. 

You Want Better Comfort

If you want to change from a standard forced-air heating system to a heater that works better for your house, we suggest you look into a boiler. Boilers are radiant heating systems: they heat water and then radiate this heat through terminal points in a room, such as a radiator or a baseboard heater. This type of heating feels like the heat coming from the sun, and many people prefer this sensation to the warmth coming from furnaces or other forced-air systems that blow around hot air.

You Want to Save Money

Choosing a radiant heating system like a boiler means that you’re choosing more efficient comfort. This also means that you’re going to save yourself money. Although boilers are an investment, saving money long-term will help you save a significant amount over time. We’re prepared to get you the service you need. 

You Have Problems With Your Ducts

Do you have ongoing problems with your home’s ductwork? This is a sign that ductwork-based heating might not be the right solution for your home’s heating. Ongoing heating problems are bad news for your comfort and your efficiency. Getting yourself a new heater is easy as long as you have the expertise of our professionals to rely on. We’ll guide you in the right direction.

You Live in a Colder Climate

If you live in a colder climate like ours, a boiler is right for you. This is because boilers are better suited to handle extremely cold weather conditions. It does this with better ease which saves you money and time. 

You Want a Longer Lasting System

When you get yourself a new heater, you’re choosing a system that can best fit your personal needs, but also a system that’s going to last. If you’re interested in choosing a long-lasting system, then we suggest a boiler. Boilers are great because they have so few moving parts. This means they typically run into fewer problems and last much longer. These systems can last you around two decades if you take care of them properly. 

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. We’re ready to perform your boiler services. 

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