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Is a Pool Heater Worth It?

There’s no question about it, the temperatures get really cold here in the north. If you have a pool, you may be wondering if a pool heater is worth it or not. In the south, some winter days are warm enough that pool heaters aren’t even necessary. But if you want to swim here in the north, a pool heater is non-negotiable. 

If you’re interested in pool heater installation in Staten Island, there are a few things you need to know about first. A swimming pool heater can be a wonderful investment in your home, and our team is here to help. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about pool heaters before you begin installing. 

Types of Pool Heaters

First, you need to know that there are three basic types of pool heaters: electric, gas, and solar. Each one has its own unique benefits and downsides. Gas-powered pool heaters are very effective at heating pools, but they are also expensive to operate. If you only plan to heat your pool occasionally and for short periods of time, a gas-powered pool heater is a great option because it can heat your pool quickly. 

Electric pool heaters can be expensive to run when you first heat your pool, but maintaining the temperature is very efficient once it is reached. However, if the temperature outside drops lower than 50°F, it may cost you a small fortune to heat your pool using electricity.

Solar-powered pool heaters are gaining popularity. They have a much higher up-front cost, but they are also inexpensive to operate. However, on cloudy days your pool heater can’t build up enough energy to heat your pool effectively, so you may only be able to enjoy your pool on sunny days. 

Factors for Choosing a Pool Heater

A pool heater may or may not be a good option for your home. It depends on a variety of factors. Keep in mind that if you invest in a pool heater that doesn’t mean you can swim on any day of the year. On the colder days, you likely won’t want to swim. Other factors include:

  • Location of your pool – If your pool receives a lot of direct sunlight you can use a solar cover to keep your pool a comfortable temperature. But if your pool is in the shade, a pool heater is definitely necessary to maintain warmer water temperatures—even in the summer.
  • Weather – Overcast, cloudy, and stormy days can lower the temperature of your pool’s water. Even in the summer, cool pool water can be less enjoyable to swim in than the warmer water that a pool heater produces. 
  • Frequency of Use – If you’re content to use your pool for only a few months out of the year, then a pool heater may not be worth the money. But if you want to swim in your pool for more months out of the year, a pool heater is a great way to make that happen. 
  • Pool lifespan – Pool heaters can last for 20 to 30 years. If you plan to live in your home for years to come, your pool heater will benefit you and your family. If you ever plan to sell your home, the pool heater can be a great benefit that boosts your home’s value. 

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