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Signs That Your Pool Heater Needs Repair

Your pool heater is a crucial element in enjoying your pool for more months out of the year. If you’ve been noticing problems with your pool heater, it may be time to schedule a pool heater repair in Staten Island, NY.

Our team is here to help with all of your pool heater needs, including repair and installation. You can keep reading more to learn about the signs that your pool heater may be failing. Then give us a call to get it fixed before the problem worsens.

Water is Cool

This may seem obvious, but if the water in your pool feels too cool then that indicates a problem with your pool heater. It’s easy to think that this is a fluke and you just need to let the pool heater run a little longer. But your pool heater is designed to keep your pool warm around the clock. Feeling cold water means that your pool heater is not working and needs to be checked out by an expert.

Unusual Sounds

Just like other appliances in your home, unusual sounds coming from your pool heater mean that something is wrong. You may hear water flow moving through your pool heater during operation, but you should not hear any other unusual sounds. If you do hear something that isn’t quite right, you may have a bad pressure switch, calcium buildup inside of the pool heater, or an issue with gas pressure.

Heater Is Leaking

Water has to pump through the pool heater in order to warm up. However, the pool heater should never leak. If you notice water leaking from the pool heater during operation, this is a red flag that something is wrong. Water that leaks out does not have an opportunity to heat up, and any damage to the pool heater may also be impacting heating.

Heater Won’t Turn On

If your pool heater shuts off and will not turn back on, you definitely need to get it checked out. You may be tempted to do some searches online and try to troubleshoot it on your own, but we encourage you to give our team a call instead. You may end up doing more harm than good by taking it on as a DIY project. Our team of experts can get down to the root cause and fix it to get your pool heater working again.

Short Cycling

It’s also possible that your pool heater is short cycling, which means that it is turning on and off frequently. Your pool heater should have a normal rhythm for turning on for a heating cycle and then turning back off.

Short cycling means that your pool heater is turning on and off every few minutes without staying on long enough to actually heat your pool water. This can lead to a much higher energy bill as the pool heater runs continuously. Plus, it’s adding wear and tear to your pool heater so that it won’t last as long.

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