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What These Odd Sounds From Your Boiler Are Telling You

Boilers are known for being sturdy and well-made appliances that last for a long time. But a long lifespan doesn’t mean that boilers are completely without problems. Unusual sounds are usually the first sign of warning that something is wrong with your boiler.

Hearing any of the sounds listed below means that it’s time to schedule boiler repair in Staten Island, NY. You can keep reading to learn more about what unusual boiler sounds mean and how our team can help you fix problems before they get out of hand. 

Gurgling Sounds 

You may associate a gurgling sound with water, and since your boiler is a water appliance then the sound may not alarm you. However, it should. Gurgling means that air is trapped somewhere in your boiler and interfering with correct operation.

You can release this air by bleeding the radiators until the gurgling sound goes away. If you continue to have the problem, give our team a call and schedule a service appointment. We can get down to the root of the problem and prevent gurgling from happening again.

Whooshing Sounds 

Some air is necessary for boiler operation. However, the air should not produce a loud or alarming sound. If it does, that’s a red flag. Just like gurgling, whooshing sounds are an indication that something is wrong with your boiler’s airflow. When it comes to whooshing, there is likely a blockage somewhere in the boiler. 

As air passes around this blockage, it makes a whooshing sound because the air is under pressure. Our team can identify the blockage and eliminate it. Otherwise the blockage may get bad enough that no air can get by, resulting in higher pressure levels inside your boiler. If there is a contributing problem that caused the blockage, we can address it to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Vibration or Humming Sounds

You may also hear your boiler vibrate or hum during operation. These sounds can indicate that something is off balance or loose. With vibration, whatever is off balance is causing a portion of the unit itself to move. If this problem continues, it could lead to parts on or inside of your boiler breaking loose. 

If you hear a humming sound, that can indicate a small component inside of your boiler is already loose and gently moving against another component. Under the mask of water inside of your boiler, this loose component can make a humming sound.

Banging Sounds

If your home has hard water with high mineral content, you may face a problem with limescale build-up. When limescale builds up near the part of the thermostat that measures water temperature, it could block components from getting an accurate temperature read. As a result, your boiler may continue heating water until it is too hot and you will hear a banging sound. 

While our team can clean out limescale build-up and flush out the minerals from hard water, you will continue needing these services year after year unless you address the source of the problem. You can install a water softener in your home to eliminate these minerals from ever entering your boiler to begin with.

Contact Scaran today to schedule an appointment with our professionals for boiler service today.

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