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Why You Need a Mesh Drain Cover in the Kitchen Sink—Even with a Garbage Disposal

You might be surprised to learn about some of the things that wind up going down your drains. Mesh drain covers are an excellent way to protect your drains from soap, food, hair, and other particles accidentally rinsing into your plumbing system.

When you protect your drains, you help to prevent clogs, corrosion, and other plumbing issues. If you need help with your kitchen plumbing in New Brunswick, NJ, give our team a call to schedule service. You can keep reading to learn more about how mesh drain covers can benefit all of the drains in your home, including in your kitchen and even if you have a garbage disposal in place.

Risks of Drain Clogs

Even with a garbage disposal, you risk drain clogs when you let just anything go down your sink. Being able to turn on your garbage disposal is great, but even with the addition, it’s possible for clogs to develop. We encourage you to use discernment in what you do and do not allow to go down your drain. 

When you install a mesh drain cover, there’s a protective barrier that allows you to capture particles and wipe them away before they enter your drain. For example, maybe you are baking and accidentally drop an egg in the sink. Without a mesh drain cover, it might go right down your garbage disposal. 

Eggshells are especially bad for garbage disposals because they can stick to the sides and lead to clogs and mold growth. Or maybe your child throws a napkin in the sink that winds up going down the disposal and you don’t realize it. Paper is equally damaging and dangerous for your plumbing system. 

Anything that can stick to the sides of pipes will make clogs more likely. Egg shells and paper towels can attract mold and bacteria spores that spread rapidly and even waft up into your home. They also attract other particles going down your drains until an impressive clog forms that blocks water flow. These clogs can form over months and be difficult to get rid of without professional care. 

Keep Your Disposal Working

When you protect your garbage disposal with a mesh drain cover, you help it enjoy a longer lifespan. Yes, your garbage disposal is in place so that you can dump some food into your sink and dispose of it instead of throwing it in the trash. But that doesn’t mean any and all food.

A mesh drain cover can prevent things from entering your garbage disposal that might damage it or shorten its lifespan. For example, if a spoon or fork goes down the disposal and you don’t realize it, when you turn your disposal on the utensil could do a lot of damage. 

Blades could break or your garbage disposal may get jammed. It’s possible for damage to be bad enough that our team has to come out and fix the problem. When things like this happen repeatedly, your kitchen disposal is at risk for having a much shorter lifespan.

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